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Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I Must Do Before I Die Part VIII

I've been blogging for more than eight years now and it has always been part of my habit (majority of bloggers also do) to write about stuffs that I want to do before I die. I'm doing this to track if there's what I call "progress" in my life and to determine as well if my life is on the right track.  Here's the Part VIII of the "my-must-haves" before I die:

1. Buy my own Canon/Nikon DSLR. I went to SM City Baguio yesterday to "canvass" and I saw one. It's Canon but I didn't take note of the model. It's sold for Php39,000 so I'm sure I won't get it. Due to limited budget, I only plan to buy DSLRs with prices ranging from Php20,000 to Php25, 000.  Beyond these figures, never mind! Hoping to get one end of this year! Majority of bloggers have DSLR, therefore, I must get one as well.

2. Visit Sagada, Mountain Province. Our initial plan was to visit Sagada December of last year, however, it didn't push through due to budget constraint aside from the fact that we had a hectic schedule at work. Now, I'm hoping we'll visit the place once rainy season is over! Our next destination this coming August is Zambales! Hopefully! If not Zambales, we'll probably go to Bolinao, Pangasinan. I haven't been there but I heard the place is great!

3. Start my own business, preferably a convenience store or a mini-school supplies outlet. Yes, I think we need to be business-minded these days. I'm not sure who once said this but, according to him, if we want financial freedom we need to choose investment and business. So there!

This is it for today! More updates coming soon. By the way, it's past four in the morning here in Baguio City right now. It's still raining, and I feel cold! Watch our for my blog update tomorrow!

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