What's In My Pocket 2012 Edition

Lady bloggers normally talk about what's inside their purse - make-ups, lipsticks, you name it - while their male counterparts rarely blog about it. For guy bloggers, it doesn't matter at all but what matters to us is what's inside our pocket. Instead of writing about my second batch of prepayday treat (I went shopping earlier at Spencer - Baguio Center Mall), I'll blog instead about what's inside my pocket today. For all haters out there please don't hate me for making my wallet "public."

Here's what compromises my wallet: 1. The "Our Father" prayer. I bought this November of last year. 2. My Banco de Oro (BDO) debit card for my purged savings account. Haha! 3. My Maxicare card for my health benefits at work. 4. My Metrobank ATM card for my pay at work. 5. My HSBC Visa credit card. 6. My UP ID which I didn't wear at all back in college. UP doesn't have "No ID, No Entry" policy unlike other universities. 7.  My BPI Express Teller ATM card for my BPI savings account. 8. Mama Mary and Jesus. 9. My Saint Joseph Drugstore Greencard and 10. My Landbank Cash card which is a Pag-ibig or HDMF issued card.


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