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Monday, July 23, 2012

Brunch and Blogging at Hotel Veniz Cafe

These past few days, I've been frequenting Hotel Veniz Cafe in Abanao Street for my "brunch" (breakfast and lunch combined) because I don't have time to cook because of my work schedule. But why did I choose Cafe Veniz? I opted to eat at Cafe Veniz because aside from the fact that it's located at the heart of the City, it also offers affordable yet delicious meals. Added  to this is the good customer service that offer. I'm pretty sure you'll be delighted by their warm welcome. Veniz Cafe is also a wifi-zone which is perfect if you're an internet junkie. Below are some of my "favorites' at Hotel Veniz Cafe*:

Veniz Special Hot Choco for Php55.75. Enjoy the great taste of Veniz Hot choco! This is absolutely perfect for a coldy raining morning! Perfect for die-hard choco junkies!

for dessert at Php79.75. Fresh fruits in season topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherry! Only at Cafe Veniz! This one tastes real great!

Lunch Special for Php139.00. Fish Tenders with drinks and dessert! Because I don't eat pork, I only eat fish and chicken at Cafe Veniz! Fish Tenders is one of my "favorites." This tastes real good.

Veniz Regular Hot Choco for Php44.75. One of the best ways to start your day at Veniz Cafe is to try Hot choco. It's tastes so good!

My Fresh Fruit Shake - Green Mango for Php79.75. Veniz Cafe offers different kinds of fresh
fruit shakes to cater your taste and needs. They have ripe mango, green mango, orange, grapes, apple and more. All sold at Php79.75.

My all-time favorite Veniz Chocolate Cake for Php55.75. So yummy and so irrestible. Perfect for dessert and a must-try at Veniz Cafe, especially for Cake junkies!

Hotel Veniz is located at #1 Abanao Street, Baguio City. Visit Cafe Veniz and enjoy the difference! *Cafe Veniz has 3% service charge.

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