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Monday, July 16, 2012

Diary Entry: July 16, 2012 4:40 PM MNL

Because our gym session was cancelled today because of  Cordillera Day and I'm getting bored and "sick" of staying inside my room, I decided to "go out" and attempted to wander around the City. But, unfortunately, my "attempt" was unsuccessful and I only managed to drop by Cafe Veniz at Hotel Veniz, University of the Philippines Baguio and SM City Baguio to name a few.

My first stop is Cafe Veniz at Hotel Veniz. Because I was starving and I couldn't bear it anymore, I decided to drop by Cafe Veniz at #1 Abanao Street, Baguio City. I had Honey Glazed Chicken with iced tea and mixed fruits and Chocolate Cream Cake for lunch. It was a great lunch!

Oble! After lunch, I visited UP Baguio for some important "business." Unfortunately, the office of the University Registrar was closed. At IB Lobby, I saw students reviewing and I heard them talk about integrals, sodium bicarbonate, Xs, Ys and Zs and all sorts of  "nerdiness." And, suddenly, I missed college days at Peyups.

After UP, I decided to go to SM City Baguio, hoping that I'll be able to buy a brand new shoes. I tried to check Milanos and Mario D' Boro, unfortunately, my "mood to buy shoes" waned so instead of buying I took photos of these shoes instead. Mario D' Boro is 10% off but this hasn't stopped me from "not buying."

Slippers for sale at discounted price at SM Baguio's men's shoes section. By the way, I also tried checking Bench shoes. The shoes look fashionable and stylistic, however, I didn't buy one for myself because I'm no longer in the mood to buy.

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