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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How To Earn Money From Blogging

Some months back, one of my colleagues asked me "So, why do you blog?" I replied "I blog because it's a good hobby and it's one of the best ways for me to share my thoughts...and I also earn from it!" My friend was surprised when I told him that I earn from it. He said "You earn from it? Are you not kidding?" I replied "I'm not kidding" and I told him how I earn from blogging. After our conversation, he told me "Now I understand. I think I should start blogging..."
Non-bloggers are probably wondering how bloggers like me earn money online - which is why I came up with a blog entry today that will explain how we earn from blogging. Who knows you might be setting up your own blog after you read this entry. Here are some of the quickest ways on how Filipino bloggers earn extra cash online:

1. Google Adsense and other Advertising Networks - Integrating Google Adsense ads on a blog is the most common way on how to start earning money online. In my blog, for example, you will see Google Adsense ads on my left widget and on the upper part of my posts. AdSense for content is a system of Google contextual ads that you can place on your blog, search engine, or Web site. Google, in return, will give you a portion of the revenue generated from these ads. The rate you are paid varies, depending on the keywords on your Web site used to generate the ads. Other famous online advertising network are ClicksorAdBrite and Infolinks. In the Asia-Pacific region, Nuffnang is also leading when it comes to online blog advertising. When visitors click on these ads, you get paid.

2. Selling Ad Space - Sometimes, publishers merely join ad networks where they sell their ad space. Upon signing up, these networks provide links that will be posted on the blog or site. You can get paid when the ads are clicked or when a lead or sale is made. A few examples of these networks include Chitika, Crisp Ads, and grokAds.

3. Paid Blogging -Writing reviews is also a potential source of income for most bloggers. Several bloggers can use their creative juices to publish short reviews of a product, website, or service. Two of the popular sites where you can become a paid blogger are ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

There are other ways on how you can earn from blogging but these three are the most common. Google is always more than willing to help you find what are the other ways.


  1. Hi Aris!

    Your post is very informative.


  2. hmm...interesting.. could you share more like how will they pay you? hehe


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