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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mama: A Poem for My Mom

Below is a poem I wrote way back March 28, 2007 on my WordPress blog. This poem is called "Mama" and this is dedicated to my wonderful mom and to all mom's all over the world.

My Mama told me, long time ago
One afternoon, under the shades
Of a santol tree standing on a hill -
A hill we call pungko in our local dialect,
That my eyes were like stars in heaven
That brightened the path of her journey;
Of her dreams;
Of her hopes;
And of her life.

And I asked her: ‘Mama, why can’t I
See my own eyes without a mirror?’
My Mama stared at me and she said:
‘Because you’re still young, my son!
When you grow old like me, you’ll see them.'
And I smiled at her as the wind caressed
My tender skin like my Mama‘s gentle hands -
Like her hands that built the wings of my journey;
Of my dreams;
Of my hopes;
And of my life.

And I asked her again: ‘Mama, when will I
Grow old like you?’
My Mama answered: ‘You’ll grow old when I
Can’t anymore see the stars in you eyes.
You’ll grow old when I’m gone.’
And I looked at her and I saw the tears
Fell on her cheeks like rain -
The tears from her eyes that gave me valor
To brave the path of our journeys;
Of our dreams;
Of our hopes;
And of our lives!

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