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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sitel Sportsfest and the Burnham Park Escapade

July 14, 2014. I had so much fun today! Theresa and I rode a cab from Abanao Square to Coyeesan Plaza for the Sitel Sportsfest, and there we meet Patty patiently waiting for us at the entrance. Shape Up gym is located at the third floor so we wasted no time and we rushed ourselves going there because we don't want to miss the badminton match. Unfortunately, the game has already started when we reached the gym. Only few supporters attended the sportsfest but I saw some Operation Managers from other account and some HR personnel. Here are some of the photos taken at the Shape Up Gym:

At Shape Up Gym with my  fellow Quality Analysts. From left to right: Yours Truly, Theresa Grace Benitez, Marse and Nelson Avelino, our badminton contender. Shape Up Gym is located at the third floor of Coyeesan Plaza.

Photo-shoot with the "athletes." From left to right: Erl Lardizabal (badminton - men's doubles), Nelson Avelino ( badminton - mixed doubles), Your Truly (I'm "blurred." ), Theresa Grace Aquino and Brenda Apilado ( badminton -mixed doubles.)

Photo-shoot after the sportsfest. Yours truly at the "idle" elevator. On me: slim fit shirt and short from Bench and shoes from Penshoppe. Special thanks to Marse for taking the photo.

It's me again! Photo-shoot at Coyeesan Plaza's wall painting. So far, this is the photo that I like most. Please note that this photo was not edited. Hahaha! Special thanks to Theresa for taking the photo.

Ready! Set! Go! Hahaha! One more shot before we left Shape Up Gym. Because we were "brainstorming" where to eat and we coudln't decide where we should eat , we ended up eating at Jolibee Legarda. I had Crispy Bangus, Creamy Macaroni Soup and water for lunch.

It's time to eat! My fellow QAs at Jolibee Legarda. Clockwise: Theresa Grace Benitez, Nelson Avelino, Erl Lardizabal and Marse. While eating, Theresa suggested that we should try "boating" and "bumpcars" at Burnham Park, and we all agreed. Nelson and I haven't tried boating yet so it's great that Theresa came up with such idea.

Bumpcars! Yours truly getting ready for the "bumpcar." It's my first time and, yeah, my cam dropped because one of the attendant there "run' my car. I was stocked at the starting point because I don't know how to use the "bumpcar." Hahaha! But I enjoyed!

They have a red car and a green car. My fellow QAs Nelson Avelino and Theresa Grace Benitez enjoying their "rides." Good for them because they know how to "drive."

"Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream! Finally, after nine years of stay here in Baguio City, I experienced "boating" at Burnham Park lake. And, yeah, I learned how to "row a boat" too. Hahaha! Boating at Burnham Park costs Php100.00 but we were able to "bargain" and we paid Php80 only.

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