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Sunday, July 1, 2012

We Conquered the 36th National MILO® Marathon

Initially, there were five of us from the QA Team who planned to run for the 36th National MILO Marathon here in Baguio City but, due to unavoidable circumstances, only three of us joined. My fellow Quality Analysts Ace Jester Jimeno and Theresa Grace Benitez and I, together with 6000 plus runners, conquered this year's Philippines grandest marathon! Here are some of the photos taken from the event:

Photo-shoot before the marathon starts. Yours truly with my fellow Quality Analysts Ace Lester Jimeno and Theresa Grace Benitez. We joined the 5K division. The 36th National Milo Marathon - Baguio City was believed to have 6000+total runners, with 5K division having the most number of participants.

Self-shot! Yours truly with the rest of 5K division runners. Good thing I wasn't late for the Marathon, otherwise I wouldn't have a chance to join Theresa and Ace. By the way, this is my first-ever marathon. I'm glad I joined! I enjoyed a lot!

A quick stop in front of the University of the Philippines - Baguio! Good thing one of the runners offered herself to take photo of me. Sayang...I forgot to get her name!

5K Division! The 5-kilometer race distance has the biggest registrants so far, according to local race coordinator Che Alberto, reaching to 4,200 while the 3-kilometer race distance has lured some 1,000 runners of different ages.

Traffic jam! We enjoyed a lot but certainly not for some commuters and travelers. I'm really wishing none of them got pissed because of the marathon! It's a run for a cause and a great event to promote health and wellness!

Walk-run-photoshoot! Who says it's no good? Hahaha! Yours truly near Camp John Hay here in Baguio City! The marathon was a bit exhausting but it was fun! The best talaga ang MILO!

It's time to pose! Running is tiring but absolutely fun! Yours truly posing beside a Milo banner. Milo aims to build "champions in life."

The finish line! After an hour and thirty-three minutes, Theresa and I reached the finish line at Burnham Park. Well, Theresa beat me by just a minute or two. Haha!

The certificate! Well, I'm now a certified Milo runner. Lol! All of the participants got a certificate after the finish line! I look exhausted in this photo.

My fellow Quality Analyst Theresa Grace Benitez. She looks great in this photo. I'm glad that we conquered the 36th National MILO Marathon. We're looking forward for another marathon in Baguio City!

"More malt, more milk" is what best defines MILO! Yours truly enjoying some photoshoots after the race. By the way, I'm glad that MILO set-up booths at the finish line.

OMG is closed! After the marathon, we decided to check Oh My Gulay at La Azotea Building, however, it's closed. We ended up eating at Dad and I. I ordered Seafood Medley and Apple shake for breakfast!

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