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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why You Should Eat at Point & Grill - Baguio

When Theresa, Aaron and I went to Point and Grill at Session Road two days ago, I assumed that we ate at one of Baguio's finest dining destinations but I was wrong. I have no problem with their food. Fact is, they've got the best tasting combo meals in town at a very affordable price. What pissed me is the way the manager on duty treated one of the service crew (she scolded him in front of many customers), the way the cashier (also the manager on duty) reacted to my question, the "long-wait" for our orders and the way the food was served (soup and water/drinks served last when you're already done eating and you're already craving for water. If my memory serves me right Aaron waited approximately 20 minutes before he got his red tea. This happened after he ate his food so just imagine what he felt!) From one to ten (ten being the highest), I'll give Point and Grill - Session Road "6." However,despite this "unsatisfactory" experience, I will still recommend Point and Grill to everyone, especially for the budget conscious. Here's why:

Ituro Mo...Ihaw Ko! For as low as Php99.00, you can definitely enjoy yummy combo meals at Point and Grill! Food served right away from the "cooking area" but your patience is needed. I'm pretty sure you will not regret their food.

Experience yummy Pinoy combo meals only at Point and Grill! Our choice for only Php99.00: Theresa's Grilled Chicken, Aaron's Sinampalukang Manok and Pusit Sisig (mine). Fact is, we had trouble deciding which are we going to order because we like to eat them all. Hahaha! It's really great that you have a lot of options at Point and Grill.

Inside Point and Grill Session Road. One thing that I noticed about Point and Grill is it's colorful which is probably one of the reasons why a lot of customers are "attracted" to eat there. The place is also clean, spacious and cozy.

So, haven't tried eating at Point and Grill Session Road yet? No worries, it's not yet too late, you still have a lot of time. And just like what my teacher toldme back in college "It's better late than never!" So, hurry up! visit Point and Grill at Session Road, Baguio City - just in front of the Porta Vaga Commercial Center.

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  1. 2 thumbs up for this resto. i miss it now


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