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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating My 20+ Years of Existence

I celebrated my 20+ birthday a week ago and this brought me to a sudden realization that life is beautiful despite all the heartaches and challenges that came into my life. Like I what I've previously mentioned on my Twitter account, every day is a struggle - a struggle that we must not neglect or "put into oblivion." Getting "old" itself is a struggle. It's a struggle between our "inner self" and the various responsibilities associated with it. And how we cope and how we eventually overcome these challenges are the most fulfilling achievements one can ever have in this world. :)

At Seafood Island at Baguio-Ayala TechnoHub. Priscilla and I opted to spend our birthday celebration here together with our former team mates and office mates.

No it's not what you think it its. It's not an island! We had Mt. Apo, Boodle Feast  and lots of fresh fruit shakes for the the "double-treat." Perfect for seafood lovers!

Anyway, I won't talk much about my "20+ years of existence" today. Probably some other time. I don't have enough literary power right now to express what I want to say, and I guess it's either because I just arrived home from work or probably because I'm sleepy right now or it's a combination of both. Again, thanks everyone for the greetings! I love you all!

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