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Friday, August 17, 2012

Forwarded Email: Badafinition 101 and 102

I think you're gonna agree with me that Filipino gay lingo has sprouted like mushroom in the Philippine social setting - at least in today's generation. Whether you're at school, shopping mall or workplace, you'll hear "beki   lingo," and it doesn't really matter if the one "talking" is a gay or not. I think it's because gay lingo is funny - probably because the "words" sound a little bit weird. I'm not really sure. Anyway, here are sample Filipino gay lingo with definition and example shown. I've taken this from an email forwarded to me by my fellow Quality Analyst at wok:

Alicia Mayer. Let's go/alis na. A play on the word alis (alis-ya). Get it? Usage: If you're about to leave a gathering say: "Halika na, Alicia Mayer na tayo."
Bahamas, Bahavia. Flooded. Usage: "Hindi ako puwede today. Bahamas kasi sa labas."
Balur, Balurva. House. Usage: If a friend calls you on your mobile phone and you happen to just be chillin' at home, you can say: "Dito sa balur."
Chuckie Dreyfus. Chaka, ugly. Usage: "Chuckie Dreyfus ng fezticles!" (see definition below)
Dietrich, Diteld. Dito, here. Usage: "Diteld na sa balurva (see definition above)."
Drivam; Tayiz. Driver (Taxi Driver, usually); TayoUsage: When in a cab with friends and you want to talk about the creepy or the smelly taxi driver. You can say: "Friend, creepy ang dribam. Baba na tayiz."
Echoserang frog; echoserang horse. One who fabricates stories. From echos, 70s gay slang for a lie. Usage: Without offending a liar of a friend, say "Alam mo, echoserang frog ka." 'Frog" because he has more than a mouthful to say.
Fezticles. Face. Usage: "Ganda ng fezticles!"
Johalia Jackson/Johalia JackstoneMahal, expensive. Usage: "Ay, Johalia Jackson naman nitong Sushmita (see definition below)."
Julisima, Julie Andrews, Julie Yap Daza, Julie Vega; Georgia or ErminguardHuli; Security guard. Usage: If an up-to-no-good friend is about to do something illegal like shoplift or trespass private property, you can say: "Naku, pag na-julisima ka ng georgia, bahala ka sa buhay mo."
Jumujulanis MorisetteUmuulan, raining. Usage: "Naku Jumujulanis Morisette! Baka Bahavia na sa amin!"
Keri. OK, or I can do it depending on the context. Usage: If a friend asks you if it's alright with you to go with her to the mall, you can say "keri" which means OK. Or, if she asks you if you can buy her some false eyelashes the next time you go to SM, say "Ay, keri ko 'yan." This word has also now pervades the everyday language of yuppies and college kids.
Koraz/KoramsKorek, correct. Usage: Use in place of "You're right!"
Portuguesa. Lesbian. Why? Because the capital of Portugal is Lisbon and it sounds like lesbo. Yes, the association of meanings can be as crazy as this one. Usage: If you want to stealthily talk about someone who's rumored to be lesbian (not that there's anything wrong about being one, but you know how tongues furiously waggle about rumors concerning someone's sexual preference), you can say: "Portuguesa daw siya. As in."
Shabu/Baboon. Babu/Babay/Bye-bye. Usage: "Shabu!"
Skuala Lumpur. Squatter's area, slums. Usage: "Afraid ako dyan, skuala lumpur."
Sunshine Dizon. Daybreak. Usage: After clubbing all night until sunrise, say "Uwi na tayo. Sunshine Dizon na!"
Sushmita. Shoes. Usage: "Ay, Johalia Jackson (see definition above) naman nitong Sushmita!"
Taxam. Taxi. Usage: "May taxam pa kaya mamayang gabi?"
Winona RyderWala na/no more, or "will ride na." Usage: "Winona Ryder na ang career ni Winona Ryder." Or "Go ahead, Winona Ryder with my Papa na lang."

Part 2
Aura. To be a scene stealer. (Usage: "Umaura ka sa na sa Greenbelt para maka-booking!")
Backstreet Boy or Backstreet Boys. Good-looking guy or guys located behind you. (Usage: "Backstreet Boys alert!")

Badet. Kadeteng bakla or gay cadet, in the "not a girl and not yet a woman" stage . (Usage: "Si Maximo Oliveros ay isang badet.")
Balaj. Shameless, from the Tagalog term "balahura." (Usage: "Ang balaj naman ng neighborhood mez. Nag-iingay eh late at night na. Imbey!")
Becky. Gay. (Usage: "Ang becky becky naman ng pink scarf mo!")
Bekimon. Short for baklang jejemon, can also be used to refer to the gay language. (Usage: "Bekimon expert ka na ba?")
Betchicola. To like. (Usage: "Betchicola kes ang bagong MTV ni Lady Gaga. Winner!")
Booking. A one-night stand. (Usage: "Gumorabels na aketch ditey. Gumorabels na rin ako doon-chi. Waley naman makuhang booking. Imbey!")
Crayola. To cry. (Usage: "Crayola ka naman ng crayola, becky. Feeling dramatic actress ka!")
Egyptian Airlines. Jeep. (Usage: "OMG! Yung girl na naka-Prada nag-Egyptian Airlines!")
Ferosha. Fierce. (Usage: "Ang ferosha naman ni Lola Coco Rocha sa billboard niya.")
Francia. Crazy, a derivative of the word "praning," which, in turn, means "paranoid." (Usage: "Mapa-francia na ako sa mga pasabog mo!")
Getchicola. To understand. (Usage: "Hindi ko naman ma-getchicola ang blind item mo.")
Gorabels. To go. (Usage: "Gorabels ka na sa iskulembang, teh. Lagot ka na naman sa teacheraka mez.")
Haggardo Versoza. Haggard- or tired-looking. (Usage: "Ano buzz, becky? Haggardo versoza na ang beauty mo. Mag-retouch ka na!")
Have na have. Adjective used for a really good-looking person. (Usage: "Have na have talaga si Coco Martin.")
Imbey. Annoyed, derived from another gay lingo word, "imbyerna." (Usage: "Nakaka-imbey naman ang girlfriend niyang bet mo. Feeling starla.")
Ispluk. To talk or speak. (Usage: "Iispluk mo ang mga mga sikreto mo. Wititit ko naman ichicika sa iba.")
Kervy-kervy. Derivative of "keri" + "chorva." (Usage: "Imbey na si mudak pero kervy-kervy lang ako.")
Lotlot de Leon. To lose. (Usage: "Huwag naman sanang ma-Lotlot de Leon ang kandidata natin sa Miss Universe.")
Lovelya. Love. (Usage: "More lovelya na lang tayel ditey. Wititit na mag-away.")
Mars Ravelo presents. Female friend, from the word "kumare." (Usage: "Ano na, Mars Ravelo presents? Wala ka bang baong chismax diyan?")
Missy Elliott. To miss something. (Usage: "Missy Elliott ko na umaura doon-chi. Ang far, far away kasi.")
Mudak and Fudak. Mother and Father. (Usage: "Lovelya ko sina Mudak at Fudak.")
Nyelpaks. Cellphone. (Usage: "Wititit mo ilabas 'yang nyelpaks mo ditey. Maharbat yan, maka-crayola ka.")
Orloks. Sleep. (Usage: "Ma-orloks ka nga, becky. Umeeksena na ang eye bags mez.")
Pak! Sound used to express impact. (Usage: "Oh, umaura ka na diyan sa photo shoot. Pak!")
Portugal. Anything that is taking too long. (Usage: "Portugal naman ng MRT! Imbey!")
Taltal M. Very mad, from the phrase "capital, capital M as in Mad." (Usage: "Taltal M! Taltal M! Ang chaka ng grade na ginibsung sa aketch ni teacheraka.")
Tegi. Dead. (Usage: "Baka ma-tegi naman tayel sa skuala lumpur ateng. Huwag tayo gumorabel doon-chi.")
Umbaw or Otoko. Man. (Usage: "Betchicola ng mga becky ang mga papable na umbaw.")
Waley. None, from the word "wala." (Usage: "Waley naman akong nagetchicola sa mga inispluk niya.")
Wititit. No, other variants are "witchikeli," "witchikeli bam bam," and "witchikeli bam bambini cologne summer fresh." (Usage: "Wititit naman betchicola ang umbaw. Ang dumi dumi ng fez!")
Yamanechi. Rich. (Usage: "Yamanechi ka na talaga. Ang dami-daming anda!")

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