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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Upcoming Domain Renewal & Customer Invoice

My domain name will expire next month and, as expected, I received an email notification today about it. My total bill is roughly $14.00. Here's the full email that I got from Philwebservices Global Solutions Inc: "The domain name listed below will expire in 30 days:

"If at any time, your domain name registration payment become past due, despite PhilWebServices numerous notifications via email to the most recently updated email address on file) with instructions on rectifying the situation, PhilWebServices holds the right to deny to and/or de-activate the accounts hosted on our servers of which have unpaid past due balances. It is your responsibility to keep your own records and to maintain your own reminders regarding when your domain name registration or other Services are set to expire. As a convenience to you, and not as a binding commitment, we and/or your Primary Service Provider may notify you via an email message or via your Account when renewal fees are due. Should these fees go unpaid, your Services will expire or be cancelled. Payment must be made by credit card or such other method as we may allow or require from time to time.

"For a period of approximately 30 days after expiration of the term of domain name registration services, we may provide a procedure by which expired domain name registration services may be renewed. We may, but are not obligated to, offer this process, called the "reactivation period." You assume all risks and all consequences if you wait until close to or after the expiration of the original term of domain name registration services to attempt to renew the domain name registration services.

"After the Expiry Period, you agree that PhilWebServices may delete the domain at any time thereafter or in which case you relinquish all rights and control over the Domain and Domain Servers. After the Registrar Redemption Period you agree that you have abandoned the Domain and relinquish any and all rights that you may have had to the Domain to PhilWebServices."

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