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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Best Dressed at the Q2 Summit & Recognition

Our Q2 Summit & Recognition at Camp John Hay Convention Center was a big success but,  because I don't have enough literary power right now to "talk more" about the said event, I've decided instead to "upload" here the photos of those whom "I" consider "the best-dressed." Please take note of the "I." Special thanks to Gold for the photos.

They're fabulous! Joni and Kendra wearing their best outfit. Unfortunately, they didn't make it as "best dressed" in the recently concluded summit.

The "best-dressed" at the Summit. We call her "Abby" at work. She's got a fabulous white "dress" that's perfect not only for rainy season but for the winter season as well. No wonder why she got the "nod" of the hosts as "best-dressed" female.
Jaylord also looks pretty good in her dress. Also included in the photo is my fellow Quality Analyst Lou Fontanilla (with umbrella). He's also got one of the "best dresses"at the summit. I was expecting that he'll make it as the "best-dressed male" but, unfortunately, he didn't.
She nailed it! Edsan looks amazingly cute and pretty in her white dress! Agree or disagree? If you choose the former, I think I'm gonna brake your leg! Lol!
His name is Nexter, and I like his "upper dress." Awesome "hat" and his leather jacket is fabulous and it looks expensive!  
Yup, it's me. Note: Just because I included my photo here doesn't mean that I'm also "best-dressed." I think I'm the "worst-dressed." Like I mentioned on Twitter, I'm not really comfortable wearing boots. Photo taken suing my cam.

Other "best-dressed" at the summit are LMV, Joni, Kenneth and the summit's host Miguel. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of them.

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