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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Did Sharon Cuneta Confirm That Piolo Pascual is Gay?

When Sharon Cuneta was asked in Bandera why she had chosen French photographer Pierre Emmanuel Plassart as her "favorite suitor," the Megastar replied "Lalaking-lalaki (He's all man)! Very nice boy. Pero hindi siya mama’s boy, ha (But he's not a mama's boy)! Gusto ko lang linawin na hindi siya babae (I would like to make it clear that he's not a woman)." Is this statement alone a confirmation that Piolo Pascual, KC's ex-boyfriend, is gay? Why does she have to emphasize that the suitor is not a woman when, in fact, he's not a woman? Did she give a hint that Piolo is gay which could have probably been confessed by KC Conception to her mom?

Of course, Sharon Cuneta meant nothing by her quip about KC Concepcion's French suitor being "lalaking-lalaki"." After getting several hates on Twitter, KC's mom denied the allegations and quickly defended herself on her official Twitter account: "I cleared it up exactly because I was avoiding controversy kasi nagtawanan ang mga nakapaligid sa akin pati ang nagtanong, so alam ko na iniisip nila. That's why I said 'not a woman.' Sinundan ko pa ng 'hindi tomboy ang ibig ko sabihin.' Guess it's damned if you do & damned if you don't. That's so sad.. May I just ask: Why is this such a big deal if no one is guilty of something? Bakit may affected? Yun lang,"

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