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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I am a Victim of Facebook Identity Theft

Well, I think I need to conclude that identity theft is rampant these days- not only for credit cards or debit cards but also on Facebook, the number one social networking site in the world. Earlier today, I tried "googling" my name and, to my great surprise and to disappointment afterwards, I saw in the search results that my name is associated with a Facebook account that isn't mine. The impostor used my full name and my photo that was taken at the Q3 Summit at the Heritage Mansion Hotel roughly two years ago. Good thing he wasn't able to get my "real" school. I am not from the University of Cebu.

I was extremely worried that someone is pretending to be me so I immediately contacted Facebook and reported that "the person is pretending to be me." Big thanks to Facebook Help Center!

Facebook strictly prohibits fake accounts. To wit: "Fake timelines created to imitate real people (impostor accounts) are not allowed on Facebook." I made sure that the report is accurate and true.

Facebook did not specify how long will it take to review my report but I'm glad that they're going to contact me via email after the investigation. I'm praying that they'll remove this fake account.

So, to all my friends out there, try to be observant! Who knows your personal information might have already been compromised and someone has already pretended to be you on Facebook! For more details on how to report fake or impostor Facebook accounts, kindly click here.

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