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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Netizens React to Samsung's New Anti-iPhone 5 Ad

Samsung plans to release an advertisement in a national newspaper tomorrow comparing the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy SIII but netizens all over the world have already reacted and given their various responses on Twitter, the number one microblogging site. Image on left is the preview of Samsung's upcoming advertisement "against" iPhone 5.

Here are some of the feedback and reactions regarding the new Samsung advertisement:

"I am surprised they listed any information at all about the iphone 5. They should have just listed the name and no photo." - J. Tillman

"I used to buy samsung products but now have completely banned them from the house. In fact I just tossed an old samsung TV and replaced with Vizio." - Aron Dale

"Wonder how Samsung know there is 1 GB RAM in it. Apple never announced that part." - Lim Ko

"Samesong aka samsung, you forgot the most important FEATURE an OS. The iPhone 5 have it's own iOS, stop using google's android." - Trell33La

"iPhone has always had the ability to do turn by turn navigation but google chose to not provide it so apple went out and made its own mapping software. It says a lot for the android system that it goes out of its way to provide less service to their competitors despite majority of their mobile revenue coming from them."- V. Boom

"I wish you call Apple's "misleading" ads with same vigour as you call on Samsung's ad.
By the way Samsung Ad only lists features that Samsung added on top of the Android 4.0. Features you listed are part of the iOS6. So technically Samsung listed your favourite features in the line: iOS6." - Sal

"It seriously blows my mind how many people have such bias (and even hate) towards certain phones (and other OBJECTS) and will stand up for the phone more than they would their own friends in real life if there was a fight or something." - Chris Rather

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