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Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Conquered Mount Cabuyao Today

It was Friday when my fellow Quality Analyst Theresa invited me to join them in Mount Santo Tomas, and because mountain climbing is something that I can’t resist, I told her that I’ll join. In fact, I didn’t have any second thoughts when she invited me. Hahaha!

Yours truly! One more mountain and we'll reach our final destination - the radar! My  "maong" pants is not really  "fit" for the climb but it didn't matter!

We agreed to meet each other at the main entrance of Sunshine Supermarket in Abanao Street at 5:00am. Theresa told me that no one should be late but, unfortunately, I was late roughly 10 minutes. But thanked God Amos and Erl were also late because if not I’ll be guilty for the rest of my life! Before we left, we dropped by first at 7-11 at the Caltex station and, after we bought some food and other goodies and a quick breakfast, we rushed ourselves to the Mount Santo Tomas – Cabuyao jeepney station. The fair is Php11.00 per head but the jeepney route is only until the “Cabuyao Arc.” We hired a cab for us to reach Cabuyao proper. Fogs are all over the mountain when we stepped out of the cab.

The Climbers! With my fellow QAs Amos, Patty, Theresa and David. Not included in the photo: Erl and Ces.

We started “the climb” past six in the morning and we reached the “top of the final mountain” past eight in the morning. Yes, it’s a more than a two-hour climb and we climbed three to four mountains before we reached the “final mountain” where the radar is located. It’s kinda tiring and “perspiring” but thanks to the beautiful sceneries and the cool weather! “They” made us not-so-really-tired! From the top of the mountain, we saw SM City Baguio, the Loakan Airport, Green Valley, the “road that we passed” and more –all of them looked ”little” and far! On our way up, we also met some “climbers”, most of them are Koreans greeting us “good morning”, some campers and “cyclists.”

Station of the Cross on top of a mountain: The Repentant Thief. I find this awesome! Background image: mountains! 

When we reached our final destination, we saw the radar which has been inactive for some years now. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to “go near” the radar and have “picture-picture’ because it’s already a restricted area. Good thing there’s a view deck which is a two to three-minute walk from the radar station. We stayed at the view deck for more than an hour, taking photos of ourselves. After staying at the view deck, we also dropped by the “water basin.

Time to pose! Wow, I'm on top of the mountain with my two year old Nike shoes!

We left the mountain past nine in the morning and we “climbed down” for at least two hours. We reached Cabuyao past eleven in the morning, tired and hungry. We were able to get a Baguio-bound jeepney around twelve and we reached Baguio City past twelve in the afternoon. Because all of us were starving, we decided to drop by Pigar-Pigar in Palma Street for our lunch, however, they’re closed. We ended up eating at Good Taste Restaurant near Central Park Restaurant and Sizzling Plate.

The "Radar." Inactive for some years now. Unfortunately, we were not able to "go near" the radar. It's now a restricted area.

By the way, I don’t have a lot of photos taken from our climb because I left my memory card and my digicam’s memory is full. Don’t worry, I’ll have more photos once Erl and Patty upload the photos taken from our great escapade. Thanks to their “awesome” Nikon and Canon DSLRs!

Thanks to my fellow Quality Analysts Theresa, Erl, Amos, Patty and David for making this day a memorable and "mighty" day! Rock on guys!

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