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Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Conquered the "Save the Balili River" Fun Run

Theresa, Leah and I arrived at Teacher's Camp approximately five minutes before the start of the fun...I mean the fun run..so just imagine how lucky we are. Unlike when I joined the 36th  National Marathon a few months ago, Ace, also a "fun-run lover," wasn't able to join us today but good thing Leah did. The run was fun (a fun run indeed...lol) and worth blogging for.

Registration at the IB Lobby at UP Baguio (In our case, we registered at the Human Kinetics building because we're early registrants. Fact is, Theresa, Leah and I were the first three runners to register for the "Run for Balili River" at UP Baguio - and whether you like it or not - this remains part of  "our history." Registration is Php350 for 6K...I mean 7K). The fun run was a joint project of Baguio City, La Trinidad, and the BRSRC and aims to generate resources to augment requirements in the continuing advocacy to clean the Balili River and raise consciousness and solicit commitments to the on-going campaign.

"Save the Earth through waste segregation." UP Baguio is one of the coordinators of the Run for Balili River. It's nice to be with some of my fellow UPians at the fun run. My UP spirit sparked! Lol!

My "runner number" is 7-010. Photo was taken at UP Baguio "upper canteen" (but I'm not sure if they still call it "upper canteen" today.) I'm glad we finished the run and got our "certificate of participation" duly signed by Baguio City and La Trinidad mayors.

At the finish line at Benguet State University! We did it! I'm with my fellow Quality Analysts Leah and Theresa. Thanks to the kind lady who took our photo. Photo is "too light" but this is one of my faves. I like the "effect" and I  look "gorgeous" here. Lol!

It's me at the "finish line" (is this really how we call it?)  7K walk-run-walk isn't really tiring as long as you add fun on it - same thing for work - and you're running to save the Balili river. By the way, I've sighted some of my professors/instructors at the fun run: Dr. Epifania Claur (my professor in Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis), Ma'am Vicki (Gawd, I forgot her full name but I can clearly remember that she's my instructor in Soc Sci 10) and Dr. Raymundo Rovillos (now UP Baguio's Chancellor. My former professor in Ontology of the Social).

It's my first time at Benguet State University in La Trinidad, Benguet! The fun run followed the course from Teacher’s Camp all the way to M. Roxas down to Brookside, Trancoville then to Pines Hospital and finally to BSU grounds.
In search for food at Hotel Supreme here in Baguio City. Unfortunately, our search is unsuccessful so we ended up "coffeing" at Starbucks-Session Road. By the way, have you seen my  UP "short?" It's awesome and I love it! Lol!

They mispelled our names!!! After the run we dropped by Hotel Supreme to eat but we ended up "coffeeing" (yes, this is how I call the "act of drinking  coffee..lol) at Starbucks - Session Road. The fun run stemmed from the UP Baguio study entitled “Resource-Based Conflicts in the Time of ClimateChange,” led by Maileenita PeƱalba (my instructor in Political Science 137 when I was still studying at UP Baguio. I got 1.75 final grade from her) and Reuben Muni (my orgmate in UP Uswag), with funding from the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process.

I'm looking forward for another fun run like this in the near future. Let's save the Balili River!

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