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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's New Year and They Are Selling Me Viagra

It's New Year, and they are selling me Viagra!

Thing is these spammers aren't smart enough that they should also consider the age of their recipients especially if they are selling Viagra. For example, how can a twenty-plus year old like me be interested in buying Viagra when, in fact, I have no erection issues or whatsoever? Unless you've learned how to handle these kind of spams, I'm sure you'll get annoyed or, perhaps, you'll bang your PC. But, in my case, I find it hilarious! Try to read this email I received as early as seven in the morning today:

"Hello! Thank you for reading this email. WE PROMISE that will not take many time, JUST READ this email and VISIT our website WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE INTERESTED. We glad to inform you about SUPER DISCOUNTS at our largest pharmacy network!

  • Buy CHEAP VIAGRA 90 pills and get 60 pills of CIALIS Absolutely FREE! (Discount $165.00)
  • Buy CHEAP VIAGRA 90 pills and get 60 pills of Viagra Super Active Absolutely FREE! (Discount $174.00)
  • Buy CHEAP VIAGRA 60 pills and get ErectGrow (best male enhancement) Absolutely FREE! (Discount $74.95)
Our prices for example: Viagra $0.8 per pill, Cialis $1.1 per pill, Amoxil $0.5 per pill We GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION with all products sold! If not fully satisfied, we'll refund the full purchase price — no questions asked! Our pharmacy store located at: (copy and paste the link to your browser) Thank you!"

Isn't it finny? By the way, I hope I helped the pharmacy "showcased" their product! Lol!

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