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Saturday, January 19, 2013

“Other Stuffs” That I Learned from My Workplace Part 1

Next month, I will be celebrating my third year anniversary at work so let me share to you today the “other stuffs” that I learned from my workplace – setting aside the “serious stuffs.” Note: “learned” here doesn’t necessarily mean that “I did it.”

1. Honda”
– a “disguise” for “on-the-spot.” I learned about this when I was barely five months in the Quality Assurance team. One of my fellow QAs (I’ve opted not to mention “his/her” name for “security reasons.") asked me an hour or two before our “punch-out” time: “Are you “honda?” I replied: “Huh?”

2. “For Your Eyes Only” – meaning “just read the email.” Bawal ichismis ang nilalaman ng email. Hahaha!

3. “Petiks” – ito yung mga makakapal ang “face” sa work. Yung tipong walang humpay na calls ang mode ng katabi niya pero siya nakahold for 5 minutes ng walang karefresh-refresh o kaya walang humpay ang ACW. Sila yung mga agents na parang gustong sabihin sa customer “Hello, may I place you on hold for one year?” OMG!

4. EOP – “English Only Policy. Ito yung madalas iviolate kahit ng mga supervisors! Hahahaha! I even heard someone saying to his/her TM: “Ano ba yan, EOP ha?”

More to follow in my next posts. I’m currently starving and I need to eat. Hahaha!

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