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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Taste of Hong Kong: Our Seafood Experience at Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant Baguio

When I first saw Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant (and was captivated by its undeniably charming chandeliers) at Otek Street here in Baguio City, my initial reaction was "Aha, I must try eating here and check what they've got!" And because I don't want to go there alone, I invited Leah, Theresa and Ces (Arjay and Aaron were not able to join us) to join me and, fortunately, they "granted" my invite!

With my fellow QAs: Ces, Leah and Theresa! Thanks guys for the company and thanks for "accepting" my invite to join me! I hope you enjoyed! By the way, thank Ces for the "free" Shrimp Dimsum! Advance Happy Birthday!

My all time favorite: Fish Fillet with Vegetable Seasoning (Php340.00, roughly US$9.00) This is perfect for "meat-haters." You must try this if you're going to visit Fortune Baguio. I swear you won't regret!

Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant, or simply Fortune, is a posh restaurant and it's the newest restaurant here in Baguio City which, I later learned, is owned and managed by the Ong family. They opened to the public February 12th of this year and it has branches in Dagupan and Tarlac.

A must-try if you're planning to check Fortune Baguio: Brocolli Flower with Golden Mushroom and Dried Scallop (Php350.00, roughly US$9.00)

Fortune Baguio's interior design is superb, and it offers a chic and a very relaxing ambiance. Its white table cloth and elegant chandeliers make it appear very classy and enticing. Their service is also superb! They've got polite and friendly waiters - and even manager/s - who are always glad to help its customers.

Let there be light! Visit Fortune Baguio at Otek Street and be mesmerized and captivated by its charming Chandelier "lights!"

Fortune Baguio is also a wifi zone which is perfect of internet junkies like me. You can always check-in on Facebook or log-in to your Twitter account while savoring your favorite Chinese cuisine.

Fortune Baguio is located at #16 Otek Street here in Baguio City. It is a perfect place for weddings and anniversary celebration, graduation, birthdays, business meeting and more!

Good for four: Brocolli Flower with Golden Mushroom and Dried Scallop,  Fish Fillet with Vegetable Seasoning and Fried Rice with Shrimp. Not included: "free" Shrimp Dimsum courtesy of Ces! 

Experience Hongkong and Chinese cuisine here in Baguio City only at Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant! Get up from your seats and visit them now!

But wait here's more: if you plan to visit Fortune Baguio, I strongly recommend that you go there at night for you to totally experience the "Hongkong experience." I find it very romantic if the chandeliers are on and everything is shimmering!

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