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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Run for Mother Nature on Mother's Day by UP Mountaineers

The University of the Philippines Baguio Mountaineers is inviting everyone to join its annual run for trails slated on May 12, 2013. Themed "Run for Trails 2013: Run for Mother Nature , the run is the first ever advocacy trail running event in the Philippines and it coincides with the tenth year foundation anniversary of the UP Baguio Mountaineers.

In 2003, the UPBM successfully pioneered the first trail running event in the city, in hopes that the public may find the outdoors as an alternative venue for leisure and sustainable activity. Since then, it has become a patronized annual event in Baguio City. This year will be its tenth anniversary. The UPBM hope that the Run for Trails 2013 will serve as both an advocacy for environmental consciousness and a gentle reminder that trail running is more than just a sport."

"This year, the event’s theme is Run for Trails 2013: Run for Mother Nature in accordance with Mothers’ Day. The event is a great opportunity to honor one of the most neglected mothers, Mother Nature. 

"According to statistics, a huge percentage of running events in the Philippines involves trails, but many organizers are careless in executing these trail running events, causing a huge and harmful impact on the environment. The UPBM hopes to prompt participants and organizers alike to be more mindful when carrying out and joining such events by hosting a trail run that is 100% environment-friendly. It is not enough to just appreciate the trails we run in. We must also be conscious about keeping them pristine."

The event aims to:

(1) introduce park trails as an alternative venue for sports and recreational activities such as running, walking, and bird watching;

(2) campaign and advocate for the proper preservation, maintenance and environmental development of parks and natural trails;

(3) impart environmental awareness and concern for the thriving of natural ecologies in the city and in the country, in the face of commercial and industrial congestion; and

(4) relate sports and/or recreation with sustainable environmental action."


◊Participants are encouraged to come in a costume appropriate to the theme Run for Trails: Run for Mother Nature. Special prizes await the participants with the best costume.

◊ A race briefing will take place on the day of the race at the University of the Philippines Oblation grounds. The race will start at exactly 6:30am.

◊ The run shall cover Camp John Hay’s major trails.

◊ Trail route will be announced 2 days before the race in this event page.

◊ Water and first aid stations shall be set up at various points in the route.

◊ Participants should strictly follow the designated route, shortcuts are strictly prohibited. Any participant caught violating this shall be disqualified for the eligibility of any prizes.

◊ This is a rain or shine event. However, in case of extremely bad weather the organizers reserve the right to delay or cancel the activity.

◊ Members of the Philippine Distant Running Team will not be allowed to compete in the race. ◊ Participants must be in sound physical condition. It is the participant’s responsibility to inform the organizers of any illness/es s/he may have before the race.

◊ Only 75 runners shall be allowed to participate in the race for each category.

◊ Registration fee is at Php250/head for the 6-km division and Php300/head for the 12-km division.

◊ This is not a race. It’s an advocacy run, but there will be prizes for the top three male and female participants to cross the finish line." (Source: UP Baguio Mountaineers Facebook Fanpage).

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