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Monday, April 1, 2013

"Teabreak" at Moonleaf Baguio-Ayala TechnoHub Branch

After dinner at Sumo Sam Baguio TechnoHub branch, Aaron, Theresa, Leah and I dropped by Moonleaf before going to work. Moonleaf is also located at the TechnoHub so we didn't worry that we might end up rushing to work, or worst, we might end up late.

Guess who? That's yours truly! Haha! Photo taken while waiting for our teas. Photo credit: Theresa.
Moonleaf is a tea shop offering freshly-brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions, milk tea being the most popular. Its Baguio branch is located at the heart of the Baguio-Ayala TechonHub at Camp John Hay. When I first saw the place, it didn't appeal to me "that much" unlike other tea-houses here in Baguio - probably because it's night time - but when we entered I was like "Oh yeah, this place is cool!" Its ambiance perfectly suits a regular tea house and its interior is magnificent! No wonder why it has now several branches in the Philippines! When it comes to pricing, I didn't expect that Moonleaf has lower prices compared to other tea houses considering its location. For example, a regular Black Jazmine Tea only costs Php65.00 at Moonleaf which is Php5.00 - Php10.00 cheaper than other tea houses here in Baguio. The two lady attendants at Moonleaf were also friendly and accommodating, and they served our teas "just in time."

That's Leah, Yours Truly, Theresa and Aaron enjoying our tea. Thanks to the wonderful lay who took our photo. She's nice and friendly. 
Needless to day, our overall experience at Moonleaf Baguio TechnoHub branch is "satisfactory." I will strongly recommend the place to all "tea-lovers!"

I've got Pearl Black Tea for Php65.00 - a must-try if you will check Moonleaf Baguio. 
By the way, just in case you don't know how to go to Moonleaf Baguio-Ayala TechnoHub branch, here's what you should do: if you're in town, get a cab and tell to driver to bring you to Camp John Hay TechnoHub. Moonleaf Baguio is located at Space 1, Level 1, Cluster B, Ayala Technohub (right after Volante/back of Nail House). If you're in tight budget and you don't want to get a cab, you may ride a jeepney going to PMA or Kias. Tell the driving to drop you at Camp John Hay waiting shed.

That's it! Happy tea break!!!

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