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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Prelude to Our Mount Pulag Executive Climb

My initial plan to climb Mount Pulag with Travel Factor and Byaheng Victory "conquerors" was last month but, due to "busyness," I decided not to join them. It was a "painful" decision and it made me think like "I won't be able to climb 2922 meters above sea level and witness the sea of clouds which the mountain is known for - for the rest of my life.Yada-yada." I felt a bit disappointed but it eventually subsided after a week or two.

Our Mount Pulag itinerary given by Coach CJ. Big thanks Coach!
But some people say that some "things" may happen unexpectedly - good or bad. Fortunately, what happened to me was the former. A week or two after that "painful" decision, I got an invite from Theresa and Coach CJ to join them - at Mount Pulag! Just imagine how I felt that day! Fact is, I didn't even hesitate to say "Yes, I'll join!"

Tomorrow, we will leave Baguio around six in the morning and we will climb the most awaited climb! Finally, we will "conquer" Mount Pulag. I'm pretty sure my companions are as excited as I am now. Watch out for my post-climb blog update!

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