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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Food Hunt #3: T&J Aroma Cafe Baguio

What used to be the location of Razons now lurks a new aroma cafe. It's called T&J Aroma Cafe. Located at the foot of the famous Baguio Cathedral, the cafe opened (soft opening) April 18th of this year and it now caters to food lovers all over the City of Pines. They are open daily to serve you from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

That's me and Theresa at the second floor of T&J Aroma Cafe here in Baguio.
Our original plan is to visit Cafe Sabel at BenCab Museum for our food hunt # 3 but, due to "lack of time" and "busyness", we ended up eating at T&J Aroma Cafe. I thought I wouldn't love the place but it turned out otherwise. As the famous saying goes "don't judge the book by it's cover..."

That's me!
The exterior of T&J Aroma Cafe didn't appeal to me a lot but when we (Theresa and I) entered the place, I was kinda "Oh yeah...rock on...I'm beginning to love the place..." The "lighting effect" and the chandeliers are lovely enough that it captured my heart and, somehow, made me think like "Hmmm....this place is perfect for dating for those who have girlfriends or boyfriends..." Because the place is "relatively small," I find it "cute."

That's mine! One-piece Chicken plus Carbonara = Php120.00
Customer-service wise, I'll say that I'm satisfied and I can safely say that T&J Aroma Cafe can boost its courteous and friendly staff. They won't forget to greet you before and after you dine..or whatever. The food is okay and it was served "in a timely manner."

Spot the difference! That's our Ripe and Green Mango Shakes @Php50.00 each
Overall, I strongly recommend T&J Aroma Cafe Baguio to my friends and relatives. Why not, coconut?

Rule #1 if you're planning to visit T&J: Thou shall not forget to order one extra rice. By the way, that's mine. 
But wait, there's more! Because Theresa joined me, allow me to share her overall "foodexperience" at T&J Aroma Cafe:

That Theresa and she confused "This place is good if you want to have sightseeing in session road.."
"Whenever I go to work, I often pass by T&J Aroma CafĂ© at Session Road. It opened weeks ago so I got curious about it. The place seems different because you can immediately see upfront that they serve Shakes. When I met Aris, I told him that I want to try dining at the second floor of the restaurant since its overlooking session road. The place is nice but it cannot cater to a large crowd. The ambience is fine with the huge wallpapers hanging around the wall. However, the second floor is not well lighted (probably because we are the only customer). After we ordered, the lady personnel told us that it will take 10 minutes before our food will be served. Normally, if you are hungry 10 minutes may be long but I'm thankful enough that they have free wi-fi. I didn't notice that 10 minutes quickly passed and our food were already served, ready for "tasting."

"I ordered two-piece chicken with rice (we only have few choices because it's their soft opening). The chicken tasted "ordinary" but it's yummy. The green mango shake is all right – not too sweet and not too sour.

"This place is good if you want to have sightseeing in session road and it’s near the Cathedral. I think since they are just new, a lot of improvement can still be in place. I would rate the place average."

Theresa rated the place "average" but I'm pretty sure that she will recommend the place to her friends and relatives as well. And guess what? She just did earlier today. Check the photo below:

That's Theresa, Jo-ann and Brian at T&J Aroma Cafe. Big thanks to Theresa for the photo.
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