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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mount Pulag Executive Climb Part II

Contrary to what I expect, our climb to Camp 1 turned out, relatively speaking, easy. Fact is, it's easier than our Mount Pinatubo climb. What I imagined before our scheduled trek was a dreadful, exhausting and bloody (imagine the leeches) climb. I was wrong. If my memory serves me right - and if my calculation didn't fail me - we reached Camp 1 in less than 30 minutes, and the "leeches" I imagined prior to our climb didn't exist at all.

Getting ready for the trek to Camp 1. In this photo (l-r): Coach CJ, Donna and Yours Truly. Camp 1 is mostly comprised of "mossy forest."
Because we were the first to arrive (see photos below) at the Camp 1 waiting shed, we took a quick break first and we waited for the rest of our companions before we started our trek to Camp 2. Unlike Camp1, our trek to the camping area is a bit exhausting...and challenging. In my case, I had to "really" endure the challenge because I was carrying a 65L adventure bag and a tent. Good thing my "stamina" didn't give up and I reached the camping site "safe and sound."

Photo-shoot at Camp 1. In this photo: Donna, Theresa, Beverly, Yours Truly, Diarie, Carter and Jonathan. 

Theresa, Diarie, Carter and I were the first to arrive at the camping site. If our calculation is accurate, we reached the area in two hours and 40 minutes. I was so amazed that Diarie made it considering the fact that she's not feeling well when we climbed.

First to arrive at the Camping Area: Yours Truly, Theresa, Diarie and Carter. Timestamp: 5:20 pm. Good job to us! Hahaha!
Smile even though your feet is aching. That's me, Carter and Diarie at the Camping Area at Camp 2. We reached the camp site around 5:20 pm. 
When we reached the camping site, we "rested" for a few minutes, then, we cherished the amazing view surrounding us. The three-hour trek was all worth it. The scenery around was very relaxing and it made me "think" like we didn't climb at all. It was absolutely fantastic to be on top of a mountain, away from the "hassles" of the "urbans."
"Mountain oh Mountain!" That's me and fellow QA and travel buddy Theresa. Photo taken by our tour guide. I normally buy "Absolute" drinking water but on the day we climbed Mount Pulag I bought "Summit."
When all of our companions reached the camping site, we started preparing and "building" our tents. Good thing our tour guide and the other guides helped us. After setting up our tents, we had some rest and we waited for the night. It was a lovely and wonderful night - a night that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

It's time to build our "temporary house" at the mountain. That's me and our tour guide preparing our tent. Our tent can accommodate maximum of five heads so Jonathan, Beverly and Donna joined us. Coach CJ and Kuya Juriel had their tent too so they slept together. Sheela had her own tent too so Diarie and Carter joined her.
Home away from home. Our tent is ready! 
Because we need to wake up around three in the morning the following day for the "peak pursuit," we slept right away after our dinner. Because I was tired, I was able to sleep immediately and I woke up around two in the morning.
Waiting for the night. In this photo: Yours truly, Theresa, Beverly, Carter, Jonathan and Donna.  One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever witnessed - a sunset that I will cherish forever.
It was cold when we went out of our tent early morning of May 6th, and majority of the "campers" were already set for the much awaited "peak pursuit." I was chilling when I went out but it didn't stop me from achieving" what I have long been waiting to achieve. At exactly 3:20 in the morning, we left our tents. We braved the darkness, and the cold morning breeze gently kissed us as we breathlessly ascend to Mount Pulag's peak. The adventure doesn't stop here and "the unknown" lies ahead of us...(to be continued.)

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