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Friday, May 31, 2013

Where to Eat in Baguio City

Lets say you're a tourist looking for a nice place to eat in Baguio, where do you plan to stay? Or, lets say, you're craving for a refreshing tea, where do you plan to go? Food establishments and tea-houses have sprouted like mushrooms in the City of Pines so if you're unsure where to go or to eat, I recommend the following:

That's me (wearing red) and my work mates at Hongkong Seafood Restaurant located at Otek Street here in Baguio. 
Sage (highly recommended)
Vizco’s  (highly recommended)
Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant   (highly recommended)
Café Lusso  (highly recommended)
Moonleaf   (highly recommended)
Citylight Hotel  (highly recommended)
Dad and I 
Te Quiero  (highly recommended)
Café Veniz  (highly recommended)
Wood Nymph (highly recommended)
Kogi Nara 
Under the Tree 
T and J Aroma Café
Bonchon Baguio  (highly recommended)
Beanstalk  (highly recommended)
Point and Grill 
McDonald’s City Hall-Insular  (highly recommended)
Zentea  (highly recommended)
Betty’s Kitchen
Ocha Asian Restaurant
Seafood Island  (highly recommended)
Heaven Leaf Tea 
Bon Appetea  (highly recommended)
50’s Diner  (highly recommended)
The New Good Taste (highly recommended)
Baguio Country Club

I actually have more in mind but, for now, those are my recommendations. I'll be regular updating this post to keep you updated. Happy eating in Baguio City!

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