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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Food Hunt #4: Sage Baguio

In my previous article, I wrote that we will be checking Sage thirtieth of last month but, because we got "too excited" of visiting the newest cafe in Baguio, we went there instead on May 28 around eight o'clock in the evening. Although, our visit was two days earlier than our initial plan, we pretty much made sure that we're prepared because we want to have an awesome experience and "food hunt." Luckily, our overall experience turned out pretty good and our expectations were also met.

The "food-hunters." That's Theresa, Leah and I with our Creamy Bulalo Steak (Php260.00/each). Creamy Bulalo Steak is Sage's "best-seller" and I strongly recommend it if you're planning to visit Sage. 
Unfortunately, it was "brown-out" when we arrived at Sage but this didn't stop use from "food hunting." Because everything has been perfectly planned and we don't want to go somewhere for dinner, we still pushed through with our Sage "foodescapade." And guess what? We still had fun and we enjoyed our stay and "food." I'm also perfectly glad that Sage had a very good and well-trained customer service staff. They're friendly and very accommodating. No wonder why a lot of people are visiting the cafe.

The "Menu." For our dinner we had Creamy Bulalo Steak (Php260.00/each), Onion Rings Tower (Php140.00) and Cakes (Php75.00/each). We haven't tried "Chicken in Pesto" and "Mexican Delights" yet. 
Although it was "a bit dark" inside because of "the brown-out," still I found Sage a very relaxing place to stay. It's was realtively quite there because it's "a bit far" from the busy street of the central business district, and you will absolutely feel like you're at "your home." The chairs are also comfortable and the "wall design" is pretty excellent. I can confidently say that Sage's overall ambiance is excellent and the location is perfect especially for those who want to temporarily detach themselves from the noisy CBD. It's absolutely "home away from home."

Yummy! That's our Onion Rings Tower, Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cake. I found the Onion Rings Tower "tasty." It perfect matched my taste buds. I also love Sage's Chocolate Cake.

Fruits and Cakes! If you're a certified "cake-lover," I strongly recommend Sage for you. Enjoy mouth-watering cakes while savoring the cool ambiance and serenity of the place. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy. In our case, we still enjoyed even though it's brown-out when we checked the place. Of course, our experience would have been a lot better if electricity was up. We're excited for our next Sage visit any time soon.

Yup, that's me. Big thanks to Theresa for the photo. One of the reasons why I will recommend Sage is because of the food and good customer service.

My lady food and travel buddies Leah and Theresa. When I asked them, "how's the food hunt," they told me that they liked it. They loved the Creamy Bulalo Steak and the Onion Rings Tower. Fact is, they will also recommend the place to their friends and relatives.

Best-seller: Creamy Bulalo Steak for Php260.00. It's a must-try at Sage Baguio.
Sage Baguio is located at #95 Military Cut-off Road, Baguio City near Small World School! They are open Mondays through Sundays from 10:00am to 9:00pm. Visit Sage Baguio and experience comfort while enjoying great food! For more details about Sage Baguio, visit and like their Facebook Fanpage.


  1. Hello, Aris! Ohhh, they were open that night pala. If we pushed through with our Baguio food quest, we would've actually met na. *hihi Great post about Sage! \m/ Here's to sharing the good stuff our city has to offer! (",)

  2. Thanks! Hahaha! I wish you'd push through with your food hunt the day we went there. Haha! :)


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