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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Camp John Hay Eco Trail Escapades

I first heard about Camp John Hay Eco Trail back in 2011 but I only managed to "conquer" it first quarter of this year. Fact is, I can no longer how many times I've visited the place this year. The Camp John Hay Eco Trail, which starts at the Butterfly Sanctuary, is a combination of Blue and White Trails at Camp John Hay. The third trail, the Yellow Trail, can be found on the Historical Corridor of John Hay. If you haven't checked the trail yet, I strongly recommend that you visit it. I'm pretty sure you'll have fun at the trail. It's quite there and you'll be surely surprised by the numerous pines trees surrounding the area.

Here are of the photos taken during our Eco Trail escapades (big thanks to Theresa):

That's me with my travel buddies Leah (left photo) and Theresa. Photo taken at separate dates. It normally takes us maximum of thirty minutes to finish the walk from the Butterfly Santuary to Panagbenga Park.

Photo taken during my "first walk" at the Camp John Eco Trail. As part of the "initiation," I "hugged" one of the biggest pine trees at the trail. Hugging a tree has health benefits. According to Matthew Silverstone, author of Blinded by Science,"when we touch a tree its different vibrational pattern will affect the various biological behaviors within the human body bringing it into a healing alignment...trees facilitate the cleansing and revitalizing of all of the stored up negativity and stress humans experience and give it a place to be absorbed."

That's Theresa and our "new recruit" Blair. Photo taken during our most recent Camp John Hay Eco Trail escapade.

With Trainers Mommy Lenny and Wynn. Photo taken on a separate date. Big thanks to Theresa for the photo.

Sit down and relax. That's me with Theresa and Mommy Leny. 

I think it's only us who can do this. Walking at the trail in our "semi-formal" wear. Hahaha! In these photos: Yours truly, Wynn and Theresa. 


  1. I've been there a lot of times with friends and mostly with the boyfriend. Kelan ko lang nalaman yang lugar na 'yan. Imagine, me living in Baguio for 20 years of my life, since I was born at nung 2010 ko lang nalaman yang eco-trail at nasa camp john hay din lang pala yan. haha :))

    Anyway, I've added you on my blogroll already.

  2. Hi Charchar, thanks for dropping by. I've also added you on my links. ;)


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