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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lunch at Edsyl Pigar Pigar at Palma Street

Right after the game at Saint Vincent Gym at Naguilian Road, Amirah invited us to join them at Pigar Pigar at Palma Street here in Baguio City. Because I haven't checked the place yet, I didn't hesitate to join them. Besides, it's also a celebration because our team - Quality and Training Team - won the game and we're "in" in the finals.

According to my research, Pigar-Pigar is Pangasinansee term which means “Turning Over.” It "refers to the process of cooking which requires constant turning over of meat while deep-frying." This is also famous in Dagupan.

With "star player" Joshua and NHTs Mark and Mary Roan. Unfortunately, I wasn't included in the photo. Poor me! In this photo: Mark, Mary Roan, Learning Specialist Amirah, Joshua (Star Player of the Game...idol ko na siya...hehe) and Theresa

"Picture-picture" while waiting for our food. In this photo: Yours Truly, Mark, Theresa, Joshua and Amirah. Photo courtesy of Mary Roan. 

If you're looking for a cheap yet yummy Piag Pigar, I strongly recommend you visit Edsyl Pigar Pigar. Photo shown above costs Php55.00 only. The establishment was a bit crowded -meaning there are a lot of customers- when we went there but, fortunately, we were able to "get" a good spot. Best tiem to check the place: 10am-11 am Manila Time. 

My order: Liempo. All of us except Theresa ordered Pork Liempo for as low as Php55.00. This one tastes real great and this is a must-try if you'll visit Pigar Pigar. 

I only shelled out less than Php70.00 pesos for that lunch but I'm completely satisfied and so is my taste bud. Pigar pigar is highly recommended for the "budget conscious" and for those who want to "stay away" from your regular fast food restaurant. Visit Edsyl Pigar Pigar at Palma Street here in Baguio City.

How to go to Pigar-Pigar Baguio? Via cab: Tell the driver to drop you at Pigar Pigar in Palma Street. From town proper, you'll have to shell out approximately Php50.00 for the cab fare. Via jeepney: Ride a Jeepney going to "QM" or "Quarry." The jeepney station is at the Bayanihan Hotel. Tell the drive to drop you at Mount Crest Hotel, then go directly to Palma Street where Pigar Pigar is located. Jeepney fare is Php8.50 for regular passengers (fare as of July 31, 2013).

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