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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The "New" Burnham Park and Breakfast at Honey's Food and Cafe

When I visited Burnham Park here in Baguio City a month ago, I didn't notice that there are a lot of "changes" that happened "inside." What I noticed back then was the new fence surrounding the park. Perhaps, I was just too busy by that time which is why I didn't notice the ongoing renovation. I only noticed the new "additions" when we checked the place two days ago.

Let me share to you what were added to Burnham Park. Here they are:

Rose Garden at Night. According to the Northern Philippine Times  "the management of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority has approved P20 million for the initial rehabilitation of Burnham Park...particularly the Rose Garden..." Isn't it cool? Photo credit: Marc John Calub.

That's me at Rose Garden at Burnham Park. That's what you see if "lights" are turned off.

"Lights off!" The ladies after their zumba. Left: Leah and Theresa; right: Jo-anne and Michelle.

I don't know how should I name this. Also an "addition" to Burnham Park. The Northern Philippine times further pointed out that "the Rose Garden, which is a portion of the park where the bust of Daniel Burnham was erected, will be developed into a world-class floral center with improved seats suitable to the interest of senior citizens."

At night. Photo credit: Mr. Jonathan Javier.

Right after the ladies Zumba, we decided to visit a pizza house (I can't recall the name) at Jose De Leon Building, however, they're closed so we thought of visiting Hodori, a Japanese Restaurant at Upper Mabini Street. Unfortunately, they're also closed so we ended up eating at the newly opened Honey's Food and Cafe located at Session Road.

Ever heard about Honey's Food and Cafe? Check them out at G/F Zenco Building at Session Road here in Baguio City. It's owned by the ever wonderful and accommodating Mercy Valencia. She even gladly took photo of us - proactively.
The food hunters! Left to right: Yours Truly, Theresa, Leah, Michelle an Jo-ann. When it comes to service, I can say that Honey's Food and Cafe gave us a satisfactory service. The food is "just fine." The place is clean, however, it's small which is why it can't accommodate more than 15 heads - if my calculation is correct. 

Spinach with Garlic and Oyster for Php75.00 only. 

Pigar-pigar for Php150.00. 

Seafood Tinola for Php160.00

For dessert: Php15.00 each. 

For take out: Home-made pastries and sweets. Costs Php130 each. 

Before we left Honey's, I had a short talk with Madam Mercy and I learned from her that they offer catering services and they also accept bulk orders of Silvanas. For interested parties, visit them at  G/F Zenco Building, Session Road, Baguio City.

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