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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Summer" Escapade at Pooten Resort in Asin Part I

If you think summer is over, then you're wrong. Summer is definitely not yet over for us. According to Anton Chekhov "People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy."

Smile and the world will smile with you. That's me at the "batis" in front of the resort.
A night before our scheduled swimming at Pooten Resort in Asin, Theresa sent us a message on Facebook, informing us that we should be at 9:00 am at Good Taste Restaurant at Legarda. It has always been my habit not to be late if there are scheduled meetings so I left our house around 8:00 am the following day and I stayed at McDonalds Legarda instead of going directly to Good Taste. Unfortunately, it rained so I stayed at McDo for almost an hour but when I learned that the rain has stopped, I rushed myself to Good Taste. I arrived at Good Taste past nine in the morning, and the ladies are already there, patiently waiting for me and our orders (buttered chicken, pork chopsuey and pancit). While waiting for our orders, I ordered two cups of rice (Php18.00/cup) and a cup of hot tea (Php18.00). We left Good Taste quarter to ten and, then, we went to Sunshine Supermarket where we had our "grocery." After Sunshine Supermarket, we immediately went to Asin Jeepney station, and there we waited for almost thirty minutes for the Asin-bound jeepney. (Fare Php26.50 as of this writing)

Future Models? Why not?  That's Yours Truly and Joanne. Photo-shoot directed by Theresa. 
Pooten Resort is located at Km 16, Asin Road, Tuba, Benguet and it's a 30-minute to one-hour jeepney-ride from Baguio City. The jeepney ride was fantastic, and every place and everyone mountain are spectacularly beautiful. I, being a nature-lover, was totally impressed and, like what I always say if I "loved" the place that I visited, it's worth blogging for.

On our way to Pooten Resort. Don't you find the view amazing? In this photo: Michelle, Yours Truly, Joanne, Theresa, Lynette and Melanie. And guess what? I had fun hitting the "santol" with stones while we're on our way.
Fantastic, isn't it? One traveler described the hotel as "a Malacanan Palace in seclusion" - which I strongly agree. 
At the "hot" pool. The view is amazing, isn't it? By the way, the place is "CCTV Protected" according to the sign. 
At the pool. In this photo: Yours Truly, Michelle, Joanne, Lynette, Theresa and Alyssa. 
We reached Pooten Resort past eleven in the morning and, frankly speaking, we were all starving when we reached our designated "bahay kubo."  (We shelled out Php122.50 for the entrance fee and bahay-kubo)   After wearing the appropriate swimming gear, we rushed ourselves to the pool. It was drizzling but it didn't stop us.

I'm with the ladies. in this photo: Michelle, Joanne, Theresa, Alyssa and Yours Truly.  I found it more exciting staying at the creek that the "hot" pool. Lol!
On our way home. In this photo: Alyssa, Yours Truly, Melanie, Michelle, Lynette and Joanne.
This is for today. I will write more about our "great" Pooten Resort escapade anytime soon, probably on my off. Have a great day everyone!


  1. woah.. we will be visiting that resort anytime soon :D
    thnks for the infos.

  2. With pleasure giving you the info. I'm pretty sure you're gonna have fun at Pooten Resort. :)


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