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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Top 5 Dream Destinations in the Philippines 2014

What I learned from my previous escapades is travel is imperfect - sometimes we lost connections and sometimes we fail. But despite these imperfections the desire to travel more never ends. Travel is indubitably irresistible. By the way, I am back to "solo backpacking/travelling", and here are my top 5 dream destinations in the Philippines for 2014:

Named after "Parrot's Peak", Pico De Loro's summit resembles the beak of a parrot as seen from Manila Bay by Spanish Galleons. Standing 664 meters above sea level (MASL), the mountain is a perfect day escape from the city.
1. San Jose, Tarlac. When I learned about white river kayaking while browsing Travel Factor's page, San Jose became my top priority for escapades. I haven't had "kayaking" lately so I thought it's perfect. Also, Tarlac is only 3-4 hours travel time from Baguio, my current location.

2. Dangkalan Beach in Ariman, Gubat, Sorsogon. I used to "ignore" this beach endowed with white sand but after it was featured on Yahoo! several months ago (I can't recall), it suddenly became one of my "to-visit-places" in my Bicol escapade next year, preferably on my mom's birthday. The last time I checked this place was way back 2002. I wonder how the beach looks like now that eleven years have passed.

3. Pico de Loro in Ternate, Cavite. I find this amazing, and I'm pretty sure it will take a lot of "courage" to conquer this "mountain." Hoping to "conquer" this next year once everything's okay...I mean if I'm no longer broke.

4. Capones Island in Zambales. After my successful escapade in Potipot Island with Leah and Arjay a few months ago, Campones suddenly because my dream destination. I don't know why but I find the place mysterious.

5. Bulusan Lake in Bulusan Volcano, Bulusan, Sorsogon. Bulusan is more or less two hours travel time from my Gubat, Sorsogon so I'm eyeing to climb the active volcano, probably, next year. I'm thinking to bring my sister with me but I'll pretty well think about this.

By the way, earlier today I talked to Aaron and Lou and I told them my intention to have them as my "men's fashion adviser." As mentioned in my Twitter account yesterday, I'm planning to incorporate travel and men's fashion in this blog.  I'm looking forward to work with them. I'm excited.

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