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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rediscovering Filipino Street Food in Baguio City

I think majority will agree with me if I say that street food has already been part of the Filipino lifestyle - rich or poor. While some people in other countries may prefer to eat burgers and pizzas, Filipinos, on the other hand, would go to the streets  and satisfy their "cravings" with cheap street food.
Binatog costs around Php10.00 here in Baguio City. Did I spell "binatog" correctly?
In Baguio City alone, street vendors have sprouted like mushrooms. Street foods are mostly spotted on schools, bus or jeep terminals, church, and parks. Prices of these street foods cannot go beyond 20 pesos or approximately 0.50 US dollars. Here are some of the commonly sold "street foods" here in Baguio City:

Kwek-kwek. Kwek-kewk are quail eggs dipped in an orangey batter which are deep fried and dipped in vinegar with onions and chili 
Betamax. Betamax  is a grilled cubed, curdled chicken blood which is usually dipped with vinegar and onions. Honestly, I haven't tried eating this yet. I will any time soon. 
And who won't forget these? Kikiam, Squid Balls and Fish Balls. So far, I like Kikiam most. It is made of ground pork and vegetables that is wrapped in bean curd sheets. It is cooked deep fried and can be paired with a sauce.
Green mangoes. Para sa mag naglilihi daw. Is this real? Green mangoes is best paired with "alamang."
Isaw. Isaw is barbecued chicken or pork intestine in bamboo skewer. This is best partnered with spicy sauce - in my opinion. 
Do you have what it takes to eat these? Balot, which is usually served with rock salt, is a boiled duck egg with a developing duckling chick inside. 
There are still a lot of street food sold her ein Baguio City so watch out for my blog update anytime soon. I will also include the street food "hot spots" in the city in my next post. Watch out!

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