The Quality Team Workshop and "The Bridge Making"

Our team has recently been involved in a workshop as part of our development. The workshop is conducted by our own lead, Boss Twinkle, and of course the ever gorgeous Sir Ryan, our Director of Operations. All I can say is the training is fun and we're all learning from it. We have a lot of activities and the one that I like most is the "bridge making." Here are the photos taken during our bridge making activity (big thanks to Boss Twinkle for the photos):

Our Team! In this photo (l-r): Yours Truly, Lou, Leah, Loraine, Amos and Patty.
The winning team. Nelson, Erl, RJ, Aaron, Ces and Vida (from Training Department)
Second Placer. Ken, Booblet, Theresa, David, Jessa and Lourdes.

What I learned from the activity? Here: The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.


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