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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tips on How to Exercise your Right to Act Like a Kid

So you’re twenty-something like me but still can’t stop yourself from thinking like you’re a grade school kid? Hmmm, no problem. Follow these tips below, and I’m sure you’re gonna be feeling like you’re young, say only seven years old:

1. Watch cartoons. Enough of those DVD porn collections, okay? Better watch Cartoon network, Nickelodeon or Disney Channel.

2. Eat a lollipop. Got o the nearest store and buy a lollipop for your self. Choose from any of these flavors: orange, chocolate, vanilla, milk, etc. Or if lollipop is unavailable buy bubble gums. Wow!

3. Play board games with your younger siblings, nephews, nieces and neighbors. Bur please, please don’t dare cheat them. It would be too unfair.

4. Reread your favorite childhood stories. I’m pretty much you have a lot of them stocked in your closet.

5. Go to Toy Kingdom and enjoy every single moment there. Or if you want buy some robots and other kiddie stuffs for your self. Wow!

6. Check out your old toys in your closet. Play with them like you you to play with them when you’re only seven years old. Enjoy!

7. Ask your mom and dad to let you play in the rain, If they didn't allow you, cry. Hehehe!

8. Eat ice cream, candies and lots of chocolates in front of young kids. Don’t give them until they cry. Hahaha!

9. Visit the Children’s Park. You know what to do next. Just don’t let the kids cry. You’ll be punished!

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