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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dane's Bakeshop: Where Pandesal Tastes Like No Other

Pandesal is a popular yeast-raised bread in the Philippines and I think majority of Filipinos have become accustomed to it as "a breakfast," together with a hot cup of brewed coffee. With this being said, it is common that each bakery sells pandesal in the morning. Pan means bread, sal is Spanish for salt. Basing from these two words, you should know that pandesal during the Spanish Era did not taste anything close to our modern day Pandesal.

Pandesal is sold at Dane's Bakeshop for Php1.50. When I first arrived here in Baguio way back 2003 to study at UP Baguio, Dane's pandesal only costs Php1.50.
I have been to many bakeshops here in Baguio City but I can say that Dane's Bakeshop has the "best pandesal" in the City. It's not too salty unlike other pandesal, and like what majority of us Filipinos say "pasok-pasok sa pansalang Pinoy ang Dane's Bakeshop pandesal."

Dane's Bakeshop is also known for its tasty and yummy breads, pastries and cakes. 
Early birds at Dane's Bakeshop. Baguio City folks flock the bakeshop to get their frashly baked pandesal. 
Dane's Bakeshop has branches at Chugum corner Kayang Street, Diego Sialng Street, Kayang Street, Magsaysay Street cor Rice Section and Agoo, La Union. It's main office is located at 129 Loakan Road, Baguio City. 
The Diego Silang Street branch of Dane's Bakeshop.

Dane's Bakeshop also accepts bulk orders. For inquiries and to learn more about Dane's services, feel free to call them at 074-447-3536 or 074-442-6703.

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  1. Awesome! They were my neighbor in T. Bugallon Street, Aurora Hill. They we're just a small bakeshop back then. Look at them now.


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