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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paradiso Beach Resort in Aringay, La Union: Chill Out and Be Free

My drowsiness quickly faded when our van reached the main entrance of Paradiso Beach Resort in Samara, Aringay, La Union. Finally, after one and a half hours of non-stop travel, we've reached our final destination. The cool breeze of the lowland and the hum of the sea from afar greeted us. We were all excited, and for some unknown reasons, I didn't feel tired at all. There's so much energy in me as I whisper to myself "Chill out and be free!" From where I quietly sit, I saw the big sign "Paradiso."

Paradiso means Paradise. That's me at the "Shower Area." Photo taken after swimming at the Resort's pool.

The dormitory type accommodation. "At Paradiso Beach Resort, you are assured of having the absolute value for the time and money spent for leisure." 

It's more fun in Paradiso Beach Resort. "Enjoy and feel the energy in Mayland" says the sign. 

The pool at Paradiso Beach Resort. In this photo: Lou, Theresa, Yours Truly, David, Patty, Jessa, Blair, Nelson, Arjay, Erl, Lourdes and Mhel.

At the beach. There's no entrance fee at the beach. Best time to go to beach is early in the morning and late afternoon. Perfect spot of sunrise and sunset.

That me with Russell of Paradiso Beach Resort. She's very accommodating and customer-friendly.

The Paradiso Hostel. We stayed here. We stayed at Rooms 14 and 13. 
Paradiso Beach Resort is located at Samara, Aringay, La Union. They can be contacted via phone @(6372) 603 0349, via fax @(6374) 446 2195 and via Mobile @ +63 9163099338. For more information about Paradiso, click here. Note: Photo courtesy of Theresa. 


    MAPANG MATA mga staffs LALO n ung nsa RESTAURANT at karaoke counter nla
    mg iinquire lng NGAGALIT n pwd nman sbhn ng MAAUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Geno! Thanks for sharing your experience. Sana ma-improve yung service nila.

  3. one of the most boring resorts I've been to...


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