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Monday, October 21, 2013

The GDC Octoberfest 2013

I don't have much to say today because I'm tired so I'll post instead the photos taken at the recently concluded GDC Octoberfest. Big thanks to our sponsor San Miguel Corporation for the beers and, of course, to our team members and organizers for making the event a big success.
He definitely rocks! I'm now his number one fan. Haha! That's Kenneth performing at the Battle of the Bands. They were declared Champion. Congratulations!!
Our performance led by Lou and Aaron. In this photo: Aaron, Theresa, Lou, Lourdes, Mhel, Ces and Yours Truly. Hidden: Patty and Boss Twinkle. 
The Quality Team! In this photo: Lou, Mhel, Nelson, Lourdes, Theresa, Aaron, Ces, Jessa and Yours Truly. I'm pretty sure the QAs had fun. 
In this photo: Boss Twinkle, Boss Nadja, Boss Vida, Lester,  OM Glow and Boss Jeff. 
Big thanks to San Miguel Corporation for the beers! Till next year's October fest.
From the Special Services Group. In this photo: Glena, Pabs, Coach Chi, Joanne, Coach Leah and Marie. 
The Coaches from OM Jeff's Cluster: Ace, Ferdz, Josie, Oliver, Jmay, Brenda and Hubert. 
Big thanks to Patty and LM Vida for the photos. More photos to follow.

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