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Monday, October 14, 2013

The QA Team Building and Strategic Planning at Paradiso Beach Resort Part II

As promised in my previous entry, I will be writing more about our team building and strategic planning held at Paradiso Beach Resort in La Union two days ago. Although I honestly admit that I didn't like the place much (especially the men's shower room and the beach), I'm glad that we had fun, and the plan was successful. Here are some of the photos (big thanks to Lou and Theresa) taken at the said event:

Full force: The QAs with our new boss. In this photo: Boss Twinkle, Lou, Lourdes, Arjay, David, Jessa, Aaron, Nelson, Mhel, Yours Truly, Blair, Erl, Theresa and Patty. The team building was fun and we got to learn more about the other side of our new boss. I didn't know that she sings a lot. Haha!

Sleepy head on our way to Aringay, La Union. We left Baguio around five in the morning. In this photo: Lourdes, Nelson, Arjay, David and Yours Truly. Good thing I was able to join the team building.

Arrival at Aringay Public Market. It took us approximately one hours to reach Aringay, La Union. This photo was taken before we went to the public market.

Photo taken in front of The Generics Pharmacy in Aringay, La Union. Still looking fresh despite the travel time and the shift. In this photo: Jessa, Arjay, Yours Truly, Boss Twinkle, Aaron, Theresa, Lourdes, David, Nelson and Mhel.

The facade of Aringay Public Market. We had our "wet shopping" here and I enjoyed it. Haha! The price of commodities here are lower than Baguio City's.

Arrival at Paradiso Beach Resort. In this photo: Lou, Yours Truly, Boss Twinkle, Theresa, Lourdes and Arjay. We stayed at the dormitory type accommodation.

The pool at the Paradiso Beach Resort. How I wish Paradiso's Management will always make sure that the pool is kept cleaned. The "6ft area" has a lot of dirt when we checked the place.

At the pool. In this photo: Nelson, David, Blair, Erl, Boss Twinkle, Yours Truly, Theresa and Lourdes. One thing I'd like to recommend is the Paradiso's management should make sure that the pool is kept clean.

The beach! Aside from the cool breeze in the afternoon, there's nothing more I can recommend about the beach located a few meters away from Paradiso Resort.

The "mini-pond" at the back of our room. I find this kinda cool. Good thing there are no mosquitoes here.

The resort has a "mini-bar" where guests can have videoke and wine. They also sell ice cream. Thing is the prices at the resort are "doubled." For example, a chocolate ice cream cone costs Php45.00 at the resort but it only costs Php25.00 ouside. Or, say, an eight ounce coke costs Php20.00 at the resort but it is sold for only Php7.00 outside. The resort is not really a first class resort so my recommendation is its management should review the prizes of what their selling at the mini-bar. Hello?

That's my fellow Quality Analyst Nelson singing 21 Guns by American punk rock band Green Day. He sings pretty good. I like his voice. By the way, I don't sing well but I sang "Everything I Own" by Bread.  Part of its lyrics goes this way: "You taught me how to love...what it's all, what it's all..."

Playing billiards? Nope, it's not what you think it is. Lol! In this photo: David, Erl, Patty, Arjay, Aaron, Yours Truly, Lourdes, Theresa, Nelson, Mhel, Boss Twinkle and Lou.

Just the three of us. That's Yours Truly, Lourdes and Blair after swimming. Blair now works with Workforce.

My thoughts on recommending the resort? Ye I will, considering accommodation (affordable) and customer service (well, Rochelle Hugo and the other staff of the resort were really nice.) When it comes to serenity of the place, the pool and the beach, I will not.

Paradiso Beach Resort is located at Samara, Aringay, La Union. They can be contacted via phone @(6372) 603 0349, via fax @(6374) 446 2195 and via Mobile @ +63 9163099338. For more information about Paradiso, click here.

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