"White House of the Lord of Scents" by Joel Cruz in Baguio Camp John Hay

Rumor has it that perfumer Joel Cruz has built his White House at the Camp John Hay here in Baguio City so when Theresa, Aggie and I dropped by Starbucks John Hay two days, I curiously took photos of the said mansion. Undeniably, the mansion looks great, and I'm pretty sure millions have been spent for that.

White House of the Lord of Scentsa at Camp John Hay Baguio  is owned by perfurmer Joel Cruz 
Close shot. 
That's yours Truly with my "signature pose." Haha! 
Aggie and Theresa after our Starbucks session. 
I don't have much to write to day so expect another blog update tomorrow. I'll be blogging about our recent "food hunt." Stay tuned and Happy New Year to all!


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