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Sunday, January 5, 2014

On The Last Day of Bliss Cafe

Yes, you read it right. Today is Bliss Cafe's last day after serving the City of Pines for nine and a half years. But you might wonder and ask "why?" Nope, it's not because cafe owner Jim Ward is relocating in the United States and, definitely, it's not because the business is losing. It's because...(I'm sorry I decided not to tell.) It's for you to find out! Why not drop by there and try their all day buffet for as low as Php95.00? (95 to signify their nine and half years of existence according to Jim. See the significance of Php95.00? We didn't have any idea about it until Jim told us.)

The food questors with Bliss Cafe owner Jim Ward. It's good to know the "other side" of Jim. He's friendly and nice, and we learned that he is a Buddhist. A Buddhist approach on happiness shared to us by Jim: "happiness is not always about getting yourself attached to anything or anyone."   Makes sense, right?
Bliss Cafe, named as "one of the top ten veggie cafes in the Philippines, had it's humble beginnings in 2004. 
We were the "first customers." In this photo: Patty, Yours Truly, Jo-anne and Theresa.  
All day buffet option 3: Pesto and bread for Php95.00. Unfortunately, Berek bread ain't available yet we we came so we had wheat bread instead. Bliss has been a pioneer in fine dining vegetarian since 2004. Big thanks to Chef Shanti for our food.
Bliss' Infamous Crepe was once featured by the Manila Bulletin, the leading newspaper in the Philippines.  
On our way back home. In this photo: Yours Truly, Theresa and Patty. Photo taken in front of Elizabeth Hotel here in Baguio City. 
By the way, we also spotted Sir Mylon, his wife and his cute daughter and former Site 3 Director Sheila at the cafe. More photos to follow. Internet connection is wonky. Happy Sunday everyone!!! Farewell Bliss Cafe!!!

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