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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solo Backpacking and Exploring Paguriran Island in Bacon, Sorsogon

Honestly, I have no idea that Paguriran Island (click here to see video of the island) exists in Bacon in Sorsogon City. I only learned about it when my sister told me that she’s been there with her college friends back in December last year. Because I am an “island-lover,” I decided to check the place but I only finalized my decision a day before my scheduled flight back to Manila. Unfortunately, I was alone when I checked the island because my sister had a class and I thought she wouldn't want escaping her classes just to be with me. Haha! So there.

  I  don't know how this is called but this is where the seawater "comes in."
The Search for Paguriran Island
From Gubat, Sorsogon, I rode a Prieto Diaz-bound jeepney (fare is Php25.00 as of this writing), and the driver dropped me at the Prieto Diaz Public Market. Travel time from Gubat to Prieto Diaz is approximately thirty minutes. There’s no tricycle and jeepney going directly to Paguriran so one of the drivers told me to rent a tricycle for Php150.00 which I declined because I don’t want to spend “that much.” As much as possible, I want to travel without spending a lot. When I learned that there’s a tricycle going to a barangay (I forgot the name) “near” Barangay Sawangga, I bargained with the driver if I can pay Php80.00 for him to bring me to Paguriran. Fortunately, he agreed. We left Prieto Diaz Public Market past ten in the morning.

High tide. View of Pagurarin Island from the seashore. 
The rode going to Paguriran is “concrete” (I can’t think of the right term…haha) and there are only few tricycles and jeepneys “passing by.” It took us approximately twenty-five minutes to reach Barangay Sawangga.

Row, row, row your boats. Boats can be rented going to Paguriran Island if it's high tide. Unfortunately, there's no available boatman when I went there. 
It was high tide when I reached Barangay Sawangga and I only saw three high school students when I arrived at the beach. There are no other "visitors" aside from me (due to the gloomy weather.) Instead of going the the island right away, I decided to check the mangroves first and waited for low-tide so I can just walk to the island. I waited for the low-tide until two in the afternoon.

"Selfie" while waiting for the low-tide. I think I need to buy a tripod. Haha!
I was on my way back to the seashore when I saw three other visitors heading to the island. I joined them, and it was knee-deep when we went to the island. It took us approximately five minutes to reach the islet. I totally amazed! The lagoon is absolutely charming!

The water is soooo clear that so can you see what's beneath. Photo taken on my way to the islet. 
White sand greeted us when we reached the island. Paruriran Island is only a few meters from the beach. It was an easy walk. 
The lagoon. I didn't feel tired when I reached Paguriran. The trip was absolutely worthy. Swimming is allowed here. Water is not too deep. In my case, it's waist-deep. I stand 5 feet and 6 inches.   
Photo taken by Yours Truly at the island. Haha! See my outfit? Not really good for an "adventure" like this. Haha! Expect sharp corals at the island. It's highly recommended to bring aqua shoes or  a pair of "good slippers." 
That's me at the islet's lagoon. The water is so refreshing. 
View of the beach from the island. 
Another islet beside Paguriran Island. 
Eager to know what's on top of the rocky island, I decided to climb alone. Photo above taken from one of the big rocks at the island. 
One of my favorite photos taken at Paguriran.  I think that's a heron. Correct me if I'm wrong. 
Seawater is ankle-deep when  I went back to the beach. 
Paguriran Island is certified. It is highly recommended. 
Paguriran Island can be a great potential tourist attraction in Bacon but I think , for this to happen, the LGU should make extra effort in “maintaining” the island. For now, here are my recommendations: (1) regular cleaning of the seashore to remove seaweeds and/or leaves and (2) cottage maintenance.


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