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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Search For Yamashita Japanese Food Restaurant

When Theresa, Aaron and I first checked Yamashita Japanese Noodle House at General Luna here in Baguio a couple of weeks ago, it was closed. It was a failed food hunt which eventually came into reality earlier today but, unfortunately, Theresa was not able to join us.
Thank God Yamashita was open when we checked the place earlier. In this photo: Lourdes, Aaron, David and Yours Truly. Finally, we have "tasted Yamashita's hidden treasure." (Treasure = Food.)
Yamashita is now open not for "food hunting." Kangei! 
The agony of waiting. I'm just kidding. Good thing our food was served fast. We didn't wait "that long." I think it's because we were one of the first customers to checked the place. In this photo: David and Aaron. 
Oishikatta desu! Ginger Chicken with Regular Soup for Php110.00.  Oishikatta desu means "that was delicious!"My three companions decided to order this.   
One of Yamashita's best-seller. Ramen for Php120.00 regular size. This is Aaron's choice to lighten up his day after work. 
Kore wa watashi no monodesu: Set D: Small pork rice and Gyoza small for Php85.00.Kore wa watashi no monodesu means "this is mine." 
Hot Choco sold for Php35.00. This one tastes real good. 
Yamashita Japanese Noodle House is located at General Luna Road, Baguio City (beside 50's Diner.) They are open from 9:30am to 11:00pm. 
It's not a treasure. Its Yamashita. The chef-in-charge informed me that Yamashita Baguio is owned by a Japanese, and they started serving the public on August 2013.
Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Yamashita. The place is small but I like it's ambiance. The attendant and the chef-in-charge were also accommodating to us. It's highly recommended specially for those who love real Japanese food. One more thing...they don't have "service charge." Check it out!

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