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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

7-Connect Sample Payment Confirmation To AirAsia

I used 7-Connect, a payment option provided by 7-eleven, for the first time and I'm glad to say that I'm very much satisfied. My credit card is not in "good standing" so the best alternative for me to pay my airline bill is via 7-Connect. 7-Eleven is almost everywhere here in Baguio and they are open 24 hours unlike banks or malls. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with 7-Connect and I will definitely recommend it to others. It's safe, secure and absolutely fast. Here's the confirmation of my 7-Connect payment to AirAsia:

Is 7-Connect payment reliable? Absolutely yes!!! Take it from my experience.

Here's a note from 7-Eleven's website: "You can now pay for online purchases at any 7-Eleven store. Just check if the site offers the 7-CONNECT payment option. There is no need for a credit card to be able to get that fantastic deal for a voucher. You don’t have to type in credit card numbers, expiry dates and billing addresses to buy something. Just write down the 7-CONNECT Reference and go the store to pay. You will be given an acknowledgement receipt and you are done. It’s that easy!

"The merchant immediately receives a confirmation of payment and can proceed to fulfill your order. Unlike a bank deposit, there is no need to fax or go to another site to complete the payment. Your merchant should be able to deliver your voucher or e-ticket within a few minutes.

"For more information please visit http://7-connect.philseven.com/faqs/"

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