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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Solo Backpacking Ilocos Norte: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos

I arrived in Loaog City past four in the morning, and from  Partas Bus Station I walked for approximately twenty minutes going to the provincial capitol. I haven't been in Ilocos Norte for the past ten years so I, honestly, had no idea where is the bus station/loading station going to my first destination, the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos. The fact that it's four in the morning and only few people are passing by made it a bit harder for me to locate it. I asked the first lady that I met but she doesn't know where it is. Good thing I met a security guard and he told me where to wait for Burgos-bound buses. He pointed his finger to a waiting shed which I honestly could not recall if it was a indeed waiting shed. The sun hasn't rose yet when I arrived in Ilocos Norte.

Before the sunrise. That's me at the entrance of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Big thanks Lagalag - Baguio for my outdoor "get-up."
I stayed at the waiting area for approximately twenty minutes. I was told that the earliest trip going to Burgos/Kapurpurawan is 8:00 am so I was worried that I might wait longer than I expected. Fortunately, a van came and when I heard the driver saying "Burgos," I immediately got up from where I sat and asked him in my crooked Ilokano "Mapan idyay Kapurpurawan? Mano ti pamasahe?" (Is this going to Kapurpurawan? How much is the fare?) I was completely relieved when the manong told me "Wen, singkwenta pamasahe." (Yes, it is. 50 pesos.) Together with the two passengers who were going to Cagayan, I jumped in to the van with so much excitement.

Sunshine in the morning. One of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen in my entire life (the other one is at Mount Pulag), Fees to be collected: Php5.00 for kids, Php15 for Adults, Php10 for Senior Citizens and Students, and free for differently able persons.
I could not anymore recall how long it took us to reach the entrance of Kapurpurawan (along the highway). What I can clearly recall is the excitement every time the van speeds and the thought that I will finally conquer and tick Kapurpurawan Rock Formation off my travel list. I arrived in Kapurpurawan past six in the morning, before the sunrise.
For strict compliance: no smoking, no picking of plant, no food allowed and no climbing. I followed all except for "no climbing." I thought the adventure will be incomplete if I won't climb. 
I din't waste my time after taking some photos at the entrance. When I saw the tricycle which is, by the way, for rent, I asked the manong driver how much is the rent. He said it's Php300 but I bargained. I thought Php300 fare from the highway to Kapurpurawan is expensive. Fortunately, the driver agreed with my proposal: Php300 fare inclusive of a trip to Cape Bojeador, which is my second destination.

Littering in not allowed at Kapurpurawan. If you have food with you, make sure to bring a trash basket. Remember the golden rule:when travelling: Leave nothing but footprints. 
The travel time from the highway to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is more or less fifteen minutes. Expect an ongoing construction on the way. Cid told me that windmills similar to Bangui Windmills will be constructed in Burgos as well. I din't focus much of my attention to what he's saying because I was too focused taking photos but I'm glad that he's very hospitable.

Also seen at Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. I don't know how this is called but I call it "The Crocodile Warrior."
The driver stopped me at a relatively remote area and, from there, we hiked for approximately five minutes and, then, we reached my destination. It's Kapurpurawan Formation! The big white rocks greeted me, and I was totally amazed.
That's me overlooking the Bangui Bay.  Expect a "windy day" at the area. 
Kapurpurawan Rocks are rock formations created by forces of the ocean on the rocky coast of Burgos, located just a few minutes further from the lighthouse. It is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestone formations, which have been sculpted by different oceanic and weather forces. Burgos is located on the northwestern tip of Ilocos Norte.

Unfortunately, it's no longer allowed to go closer to this. According to Cid, a kid fell here. 
I spent most of my time taking photos at the area. As much as possible , I want to have more photos to include in my blog.
Reminds me of  Grand Canyon. 
I'm on top of a big rock. 
"It's the climb!" Who says climbing is not allowed? Definitely, not for me. 
After some "photo-shoots," I asked Cid to bring me to Cape Bojeador. We left Kapurpurawan Rock Formation past seven in the morning.

(My solo backpacking was made possible by Lagalag Baguio - "you're adventure begins here" - and Partas Transporation Company Incorporated)

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