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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Half Cup is Now Serving La Trinidad and Baguio City

If there's a new place in La Trinidad that you shouldn't miss, it's going to be Half Cup. Half Cup is a home-based bakeshop offering top notch and quality cupcakes, pasta and sandwiches. Although located in La Trinidad, Benguet , it has also expanded its services in Baguio City. It's something new that you should definitely try!

I recently had an interview with Half Cup and I'm glad to feature here the best things that they can offer to us!

1. Why did you come up with Half Cup as name of your bakeshop? Does it have significant value to the cafe's owner? The truth is we don’t really know too. We listed several possible names like Dessert Home (top contender), Kilowan (1 kilo), Wooden Spoon (closest to our theme), and more or less 20 other names. Half Cup was removed from the list earlier on, until all possible names didn’t really sound good. That was when we looked back at our list and noticed Half Cup. We kept repeating the name until we realized, Half Cup, hummm, seems pretty good that it just might work. Despite the not so beautiful history of our name, we came up with our mission, “We will never be whole because we will always be half of what we could become”.

Cheesecakes Bar.Cream Puffs and Mini Pies are sold per box of 6. Cheesecake Bars are sold per pack of 3.
2. What is your best-seller? Our best-sellers are Pesto Chicken Pasta, Strawberry Chicken Basil Sandwich, and Molten Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Ice Cream.

3. What will we expect from Half Cup? One thing to expect from us is that we will do our best to improve as the years go by.

4. What makes Half Cup different/unique from other bakeshops/cafes in the City of Pines and La Trinidad? Not only do we personalize cakes but we also accept orders out of our menu, whatever a customer wants or requests, as long as we think we can make it, we gladly accept the challenge.

Fresh Flowers Wedding Cake and Cupcakes.
5. What can you say about Half Cup's location/ambiance? What inspired you for your interior design? Our location is strategic for La Trinidad residents. We wanted a homey and comfortable feel for our Café, thus our interior.

6. What “food” are you going to highly recommend to your customers? Our Gluten Free, No Sugar Added Cheesecake and Spicy Shrimp Pasta.

Sugar-free muffins,
7. Almost everyone loves to be connected to the internet while dining, etc. Are you a wifi free zone? We do not have Wi-Fi in our café because we encourage our customers to talk to their companions, play table games or read rather than focus on their gadgets.We are not against the internet and we understand that our business is dependent on the internet because we still market our products through Facebook but we really hope our customers have real conversations in the café.

Strawberry Cake.
8. Any message you want to tell your customers and soon-to-be customers? For our customers we like to thank you for coming and trying our products. We hope we did serve you well. Please do come back. And for our soon-to-be customers, what are you waiting for!

Half-cup is definitely a must-visit place in La Trinidad. According to Balong Nini it is "excellent so far. [It is}a hidden gem that deserves more attention. Come and visit, and tell your friends! Better yet, bring your friends along and have a good time. I fully recommend it...The cupcakes are top notch, truly not half-baked (figuratively and literally). The other snacks (pasta and sandwiches) taste great as well. Serving size is worth the price."
How To Order: Please make your orders through e-mail, text message or personal message. Please indicate the product, quantity, and date of delivery (make sure to place your orders at least 5 days before delivery date).No deliveries during Sundays.

Half Cup is located at the 3rd floor of Tokiko Building, KM5, La Trinidad Benguet (in front of BDO La Trinidad).  They can be reached at phone #s: Globe: 09278707735, Smart: 09496721946 or via email: halfcupbakeshop@gmail.com. For more information about Half Cup, please visit and like their Facebook Fanpage. (Note: Photos in this post are owned by Half Cup.)

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  1. Bach Benjie BandalaJanuary 31, 2016 at 4:55 PM

    if you dont me asking, who is the owner of the shop? the manager to be exact.


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