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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Now Serving in Baguio City: Reverie Resto-Lounge

American poet and educator Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said: "Sit in reverie and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind..."

I heard about Reverie Resto a few weeks back so when I thought of literally "sitting in reverie" and have another exciting gastronomic adventure, I thought of visiting them. Good thing Theresa and Leah were also in the mood for a foodhunt so we decided to drop by there after our shift. Reverie Resto-Lounge is an establishment that provides gourmet dishes at affordable prices and the first establishment to offer flavored beer in Baguio.

The Food
Although my food arrived late because the "lady-in-charge" didn't hear me (according to her) when I ordered, I'm still satisfied. As a "self-proclaimed" pasta-lover, I tried Reverie Pasta, Reverie's signature angel hair pasta in home-made tuyo sauteed with garlic and butter. It tasted so good that I didn't even notice that it's gone in my plate in less than twenty minutes.

Reverie Pasta
On top of Reverie's Pasta, I also tried Raspberry Beer. This is definitely a must-try beer if you want to satisfy your cravings for "something flavored."

Raspberry Beer.
Given the fact that we want to try other mrice meals at Reverie (how I wish we tasted them, Theresa opted to have Reverie Chicken while Leah preferred Beef Salpicao and Coleslaw. While eating, I could sense that my lady buddies "loved" what they're eating. And I wasn't wrong! After eating (while I'm still waiting for my, they told me that they like what they ate and they will definitely recommend them.

Beef Salpicao. Beef salpicao is another typical Filipino beef dish made of marinated beef sirloin or tenderloin then stir cook for a few minutes. Beef salpicao is usually serve with fried garlic and almost similar to bistek tagalog.

Reverie Chicken. Reverie's deep fried chicken is served with your choice of sauce: butter, garlic, sweet soy or Reverie Barbeque sauce.

Coleslaw. Coleslaw is a salad consisting primarily of finely-shredded, raw cabbage, and dressed most commonly with a vinaigrette salad dressing.
The Customer Service 
The lady who assisted us was helpful and accommodating but I wish she clearly heard me when I told her that I want Reverie Pasta so I didn't have to wait 47 minutes. Haha! Other than the "delayed order" which is unintentional, I'll rate Reverie's overall customer service "4 out of 5" - 5 being the highest. Not bad, ins't it?

Reunited after two months. In this photo: Yours truly with my lady buddies Theresa (center) and Leah. 
The Place
The place is fine. When we went there, it was quite save for some songs playing at the resto so it's gonna be the perfect spot if you're looking for "peace of mind." Overall, it's clean and, given it's floor area, it's also perfect for team building of at least 20 heads. Reverie is also "smokers friendly" - meaning you can have cigar while sipping your favorite drink.

How to go to Reverie Resto-Lounge 
If you're in Session Road or anywhere in Baguio City, hail a cab and tell the driver to bring you to at Upper General Luna at Casa Generosa Hotel/Nostalgia Bar. Look for the big sign "Reverie." Reverie Resto-Lounge is open daily from 10am onwards. To learn more about them, check and like their Facebook Fanpage.

What can I say about our overall experience at Reverie Resto-Lounge? That was reverie, of course. Why don't you give them a visit?

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