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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Creepy Experience at Pindangan Ruins in Barangay Parian

I arrived in Barangay Parian in San Fernando City, La Union past eleven in the morning and I was thankful because it wasn't raining. It was pouring cats and dogs when I left Baguio City so it was indeed a blessing that Henry isn't felt "that much" in Parian. The weather was a bit gloomy so it was very conducive for a short walk. From the National Highway, it took me approximately fifteen minutes to reach Pindangan Ruins.

That's Yours Truly at the remnant of Pindangan Churches.
When I saw Pindangan Ruins for the first time, I felt a bit weird - which I couldn't explain. I really don't know why I felt that way but I still continued with my quest. I took my camera out of my camera bag and when I had my first shot, I saw "five faces" detected. Creepy, isn't it? Nevertheless, I still pushed through. I went inside the church first and pray. After praying, I went out and checked the remnant of an old church built in May 6, 1786. I still feel weird.

The Pindangan Churches came from "Pindang" which is the local's method of drying fish. The churches symbolize the unity between two villages - the costal village of San Vicente de Balanac and the foothill village of Guillermo de Dalagdang. In 1759, an Augustinian priest, Fr. Jose Torres convinced the two settlements to come together to a place not so near the sea and not so near the mountains so they will not be plagued by their annual problems. They chose the area called Pindangan, meaning, a place where they dry fish, and this place, they built a church with San Guillermo, the Hermit, as the patron saint. In 1765, the newly assigned priest, however, suggested to the inhabitants that they replace the name Pindangan, toSan Fernando, after the Catholic King ofSpain, retaining San Guillermo as their patron saint.

How To Go To Pindangan Ruins
If you're from Baguio City, ride a Partas bus going to Loaog, Vigan or Abra. Fare as of this writing is Php104.00. Tell the conductor to drop you at Barangay Parian - a few minutes before San Fernando Plaza. If you're from Manila, you may ride a bus headed to San Fernando, Baguio City, Vigan Loaog and Abra. Private vans are also available.

Welcome to Pindangan Ruins.

I left the ruins unharmed but the "weird feeling" that I felt didn't fade until I reach the national road.

At the ruins. 
The ruins is in a fragile state so climbing is strictly prohibited. Donations for its upkeep and maintenance are accepted.

(Note: This article is part of my #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines: #ItsMoreFunInLaUnion travel series which aims to highlight, promote and uncover the hidden splendor of La Union, Philippines to the world. Big thanks to Partas Bus Corporation for making my trip possible!)

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