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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Our Green Pepper Invasion at Ketchup Food Community

Two of the best things which make a team brunch great is if you're with good people, and of course, if you have "good food." When I say "good food," I mean unforgettable gastronomic adventure - primarily because of the undeniably yummylicious and mount-watering food. It's definitely something that you cannot just simply resist!

Green Pepper's entrance.
Anyway, our invasion at Green Pepper at Ketchup Food Community here in Baguio City is definitely a great one - and, of course, a memorable one. It was my first time to have brunch with the team and it was also a celebration of Vanny's and Danica's birthday!

Yous truly with the team. In this photo: Me, July, Arlyn, Danica, Rian and Vanny. (Photo credit: Jen)
What can I say about our Green Pepper? Please check below:

The Food
The food was excellent, and just like what the team said after eating, we were satisfied. The food also arrived in a timely manner so we didn't wait "that long."

Gourmet Chicken Grill: Pan grilled rosemary chicken served with salad. Definitely a must-try at Green Pepper. 
Gourmet Pork De Luxe: succulent pork with smoked barbeque sause served with salad. 
Chicken N' Chips. Deep-fried breaded chicken tenders and potatoes. 
Rib-eye Steak: pan-seared rib-eye with peppercorn gravy, mashed potatoes and steamed organic vegetables.
Chocolate Indulgence. A slice of moist chocolate cake, salty caramel and rich fudge frosting. 
The Customer Service
Green Pepper's customer service is great. Raymond was helpful and accommodating. From 1-10, I'll rate Green Pepper's service "9" - 10 being the highest.

Green Pepper.
The Menu
Choices from local gourmet to all day gourmet available at Green Pepper: (click on photo to enlarge)

Meet Our Team
Team Awesome:
In this photo: Gail, Yours Truly, Vanny, Michelle, Julylah, Rian, Danica, Arlyn and May. (Photo credit: Jen)
"Happy Tummy" after eating.  In this photo: Gail, Yours Truly, Jen, Vanny, Michelle, July, Rian, Danica, Arlyn and Cezar. 
Other Establishment to Visit at Ketchup Community
Aside from Green Pepper, here are also the other establishments inside Ketchup Food Community:
Happy Tummy.
Rancho Norte
How to go to Ketchup: The Food Community
Ketchup: The Food Community is located at Romulo Drive, Barangay Lualhati (near Wright Park), Baguio City. There are two options to go there: via cab or via jeepney if you don't have a private car. Via cab: Hail a taix and inform the driver to bring you to Ketchup. Most of the drivers here in Baguio know where it is. Via jeepney: Ride a Pacdal-bound or a Mines View-bound jeepneys. Regular fare is Php8.50 as of this writing.

Ketchup Food Community is a restaurant concept featuring startup Baguio-based businesses complementing established restaurants in the central business district. For more infromation, visit their Facebook Fanpage.

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